How much security does your office need?

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As technology advances and nearly everything we do is being transferred to a digital platform, it brings a whole new meaning to security and safety. While businesses and home still need security on a physical level, the need for substantial cybersecurity grows by the minute.

Thankfully, as this need grows, so does the quantity (and quality) of companies capable of getting the job done. Businesses like Alpine Security specialize in analyzing, installing, and maintaining cybersecurity so that you can feel safe not just getting into work, but doing the work itself. But what level of security does your office actually need?

Do You Need Physical Security?

Before we delve deeper into cybersecurity, let’s talk about physically securing your office. When it comes to deciding whether you need a security system on your building or not, your answer should always be “yes.”

Exactly how much security will depend on what you’re trying to keep safe and where you’re located, but protecting entryways with locks, installing cameras to see outside, and even using an enforced ID system are all good ideas that could benefit any establishment. Obviously, a large office for a Fortune 500 company will need to invest in more robust security than a small business, but all offices need at least some level of physical security.

Do You Need Cybersecurity?

Physical security is a must for any office, but what about cybersecurity? There’s a common misconception that only high-tech companies need to worry about this high-tech protection, but that’s simply not true.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not your office needs to invest in cybersecurity.

Are You Paperless?

Businesses left, and right is going paperless as it becomes easier and easier to do so. It saves paper, physical space, and costly ink.

The problem that arises from being a paperless office is the absolute reliance on virtual systems that are vulnerable to being compromised. Which is why you have to ask:

What Work is Being Done Digitally?

Relying on computers for clocking in and out versus relying on them for the company’s bank information are two very different situations.

When it comes to financial information stowed away on the computer, that is always the best indicator that you should look into cybersecurity. After all, if that gets compromised, not only is the business in trouble but so is the head of the department who did not enforce preventative measures.

From attaining information to even gaining access to personal laptops’ webcams that are signed onto the network, you and your employees may be in scary situations if the proper measures are not taken. Your customers will be in a bad spot, too. If you collect their personal payment information, that could be stolen without security measures in place.

What Does This Require of You?

With cybersecurity, setting it up is merely the first step. Understanding your cybersecurity system may seem intimidating at first, but it is as imperative as understanding your physical security system.

You do not need to acquire a degree in computer science, but knowledge on how to maintain the security of your cyber system and who to reach out to if anything goes awry are good things to have ready.

Final Thoughts

As we collectively begin to rely upon the virtual systems for our business needs, we cannot allow ourselves to believe that said systems will protect us on their own. Hacking is a very real and serious problem faced by companies, whole industries, and even governments these days.

The damages that can be done to the information you keep online could be irreparable if you do not take the needed steps to protect against them.

Security can mean many things in the world today, and it is imperative that we keep up with information and technology that secures us in every possible way. After all, keeping your employees, their private information, and the private information of the company and its customers safe should always be the top priority.

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