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How to avoid spam-traps when sending emails: 4 Tips

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Have your open rates unexpectedly dropped to single digits with no warning or reason? Don’t freak out! Your readers still adore you. They just didn’t have a chance to open your email. Why?

In 99% of such situations, your dropping open rate is an outcome of your newsletter mistakenly winding up in that ruthless spot we call the junk folder.

We understand your newsletter is not trash. But sadly, it was pined by a spam filtering system. This is an annoying experience due to the fact that there is not always a clear reason why the filtering system put your newsletter into an incorrect folder.

Your customers want to read your newsletter, yet they need to get it first. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most effective ways to prevent spam filters when sending out your emails.

To begin with, what is a spam filter and just how does this work? Believe it or not, the spam filtering system is your buddy. Unwanted emails typically referred to as spam, are a big issue. There more than 200 billion emails sent on a day-to-day basis and 59% of these are junk mail. It is a good practice to verify email to accurate your data before sending emails. A good email verifier tool can help you with that, that reduces human workload.

You do not want all those awful emails fighting with your important newsletter in your customer’s inbox. That said, the spam filtering system is not flawless and oftentimes flag good emails.

A spam filter is generally a system that utilizes various standards to figure out if an email is junk. Several of these protocols concentrate on various elements of the email like:

  • Email Header
  • Content Filters
  • Blacklisted Addresses
  • User Permissions

These are only a couple of the means that spam filters evaluate your emails The crucial thing for you is to do every little thing in your power to stay clear of these junk filters and find yourself where you fit– your reader’s inbox.

Below are 4 factors you can start off doing right now that will help you keep away from that annoying spam folder.

How to stay clear of spam filters when sending out emails.

1. Send emails from your very own domain name

It’s completely fine to send out emails to your buddy or workmate from domains such as @gmail. com, @yahoo. com, @hotmail. com, etc. Having said that, when it involves bulk email delivery, it is not really a great idea.

You should usually send newsletters directly from your very own domain

Send Mails

Why? Because MailerLite works closely with mailbox providers, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, to whitelist your domain or IP address. If you deliver bulk email coming from other domains, you are risking of delivering your newsletters directly to the spam folder.

You should furthermore prevent making regular changes to your “From” field names, and never use unusual names like “asd123qwe@yourdomain.com”. Use very clear and trustworthy names such as “newsletter @”, “support @”, contact @”, or “feedback @”.

The best method is to customize your address using a genuine name, e.g. michael@yourdomain.com. Read more about personalizing newsletters.

2. Validate your domain name

Alright, you complied with step one and included a personalized email address like michael@yourdomain.com to the email sender field. That is an excellent kickoff. But just before you push send, there is an extra step to improve your domain. It’s known as domain verification.

Validate Domain Name

Domain authentication is a technique to legitimize your bulk sending domain with the servers of your email sender (like MailChimp, Zoho, etc.) so they can deliver emails on your behalf. This allows spam filters put up with your bulk mailing and approves your domain.

3. Check your email content

As we pointed out earlier, spam filters are constantly examining your content. They do not have the human capacity to evaluate words in context, so they essentially flag any terms or words related to spam. If they identify a spammy term, they are worst than Chuck Norris.

Email Content

Even though there are no miracle keywords to increase deliverability, you can reduce the use of unsafe words to minimize the chance of getting in the junk folder. Here are some helpful suggestions to verify your email for spam words:

  • Try not to write text in red.
  • Don’t use a ton of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Link only to legitimate sites with reputable domains.
  • Avoid phrases like “Please click me”, “This is not spam!”, “Don’t miss this out!”, etc.

4. By no means use purchased databases!

It is not only you. Everybody is incited to grow their database by 100,000 possible clients by simply purchasing a list. If you are still thinking about this strategy, stop!

Bought lists function like ticking time bombs. One way or another they will damage your reputation. Loaded with non-existing email addresses and spam traps, they rapidly inform mailbox companies that you want to breach the rules by delivering unwanted emails.

Your messages will wind up in spam folders. Maybe even worse, you may be viewed as a spammer.

To send an email using MailerLite, the recipient must be someone who has specifically asked to receive your emails by opting in or signing up in some way. If you are an online business, it can also be someone who has bought a product or service from you in the past 18 months.

Follow these 4 essential tips and you will certainly prevent most spam filters and maintain your open rate in good condition.


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