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How to boost your organisation’s presence with social media

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The era of the digital realm comes with advancements and more opportunities for customer connections than we ever had before. With the numerous new technologies that have arisen, businesses get caught up in attempting to leverage all forms of emerging technology.

However, the most basic and widespread technology can be the most effective tool to market your business! Social media has become popularly known as a sharing mechanism to showcase information, updates, and promotional material on your product or service.

With multiple platforms that can be suited to your business, you can use social media for different ways to not only draw attention to your brand but also help you to improve on your overall business strategy. Here are some ways you can boost your organization’s presence with social media.

1. Analytics


Looking at metrics is an effective way to monitor your progress and evaluate your existing performance. Compare your previous page performance with its current performance and identify what you have done differently that could have instigated the change. Use Facebook Business Manager, Twitter Analytics and Instagram Insights to measure your activity and interactions to boost your business’ visibility and awareness. You can also use Google Analytics to identify which social media sites are driving traffic to your website or blog.

2. Live stream

Live Streaming

Live streams are an effective way to connect with consumers who unable to attend the event but still wish to be virtually present. For instance, use this as an opportunity to live stream a PR event, a pop-up store or a live demonstration of a new product.

This is also a great way to showcase your product by displaying a 360-degree view of the product or demonstration while viewers can leave comments and questions on the live stream. Use the Cluey Tech Diagnostics platform to test that your microphone and video recording device is working before going live on social media. This is to ensure that no errors will occur during your live stream where the slightest technical difficulty and poor quality can deter your customers from watching the live stream.

3. Targeted posts

An important aspect of social media is creating and investing in paid promotional posts. However, you will first need to analyze your current target market as well as your ideal target market that you want to tap into. This way, you will have a clearer idea of what your marketing campaigns you could create that will allow your target to want to associate with your targeted marketing material.

Segment your target by demographics including their age, gender, occupation, and geographical location. To dig deeper into your target audience’s preferences and purchasing behavior, analyze the psychographic determinants of your potential target market. You can set your promotional posts to only reach a specific demographic or depending on their behavior that has been tracked via social media.

4. Branding

You need to ensure that your target market resonates with your business and its offerings through the right perception. Create a brand image that will allow them to relate to your product and to be better immersed in your business.

This way, your customers will develop brand loyalty and will continue to be more integrated with your business on an emotional level. You will need to ensure that your brand image, logo, text, and colors are consistent on all social media accounts and pages to correlate with your website.

5. Customer Interactions

Customer Interaction

Another way you can use social media to your advantage is by using it as an avenue to reach to your customers. You can easily spark engagement with your followers on your social media pages through creating ‘instapolls’ on Instagram, where customers can contribute their opinions. The opinion polls are a great way to better understand your consumers to learn more about their preferences, interests, and opinions on specific topics.

Competitions are also an effective way to increase follows where customers will need to follow certain prompts such as ‘liking’ the post, ‘following’ the page on social media in order to potentially win a prize or gift that is awarded by your business. A small prize can amass many followers that are invaluable to your business.

6. Be highly responsive

Your level of responsiveness showcases your sincerity to your customers where they can interact and private message you on all social media accounts. Ensure that you immediately solve criticisms and reply to all comments.

You will also need to be sure that your customer replies are positive as other customers can view your responses and can potentially form notions of your brand through how well you deal with other customers’ issues. Customer service is highly important as it can serve as a form of PR, where issues are exposed to the public.

Highly Responsive

Social media is a cost-effective and measurable way to market your brand and an effective way to reach out to your target market. Its shareability will instantly allow you to attract follows and drive potential customers to your website or blog. How will you boost your organization’s presence with social media?


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