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How to charge MacBook in a Car with the best alternatives

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Whether you are going for a long trip or just maneuvering down to the office, you will find the necessity to charge your MacBook once in a while. Things like laptops and smartphones are already crucial components of our life thus, keeping them alive yields great purpose.

You can’t have a dead MacBook and go to a business meeting; considering all the facts, here is how you can charge the MacBook in the car.

Apple car charger

Apple offers their official car charger to charge the MacBook and is available to purchase in their marketplace. All you need is the power port in your car compartment that fits the car charger. Most modern cars have a power port while others don’t; in this case, you can look for an alternative car charger for your MacBook.

The Apple Car charger is generally located beside the radio or the gear shifters, allowing you to charge your MacBook at up to 85 watts. Moreover, you can find the Apple Car charger in your near Apple outlets.

How to charge MacBook with Apple car charger

The Apple car charger fits into the power cord of most cars. Here, you get an option to choose between a 60-watt car charger and the 85-watt charger. Indeed, the 85-watt car charger juice up your laptop faster.

It’s far better than convenience to charge a MacBook with the Apple car charger because it allows a snap-in connection. Now what this does is, keeps your charger connected to the laptop, thus securing your important folders and documents. Once the battery is full, snap out the car charger.

MacBook car charger alternatives

Charging on the go means you are in a hurry, and in the meantime, you need to charge your MacBook quickly. We are aware that the Apple car charger only provides as much as 85 watts while you can find alternatives that can go up to 130 watts.

Another reason for choosing an alternative car charger has to do with the compatibility of the power port. Most new cars have a dedicated power port that can charge your phone, laptops, and other electronics.

If you are rocking in the old vehicle, there is a good chance you will require the alternatives that fit your car. Thinking of an alternative, why would you go for the expensive cars while you can choose from a variety of models in the used car segment?

A car depreciates by a huge margin every year, and luxury cars are not exceptional. If you are short in cash, getting the best-used car that matches your profession is not less than a smart move. However, buying a used car is not always easy. You might experience a bad dealership. Off the hook, before you visit the dealership, it’d be great if you get the affordable Revs Check Report of a vehicle. Not only the Revs Check saves you from the bad dealership, but it also boosts your confidence off of the purchase decision. Simply put, the history report alerts you to potentially significant information like registration status, car theft, catastrophic damages to the car, and repairable write-off checks.

1. Satechi 72W USB-C PD Car Charger

MacBook charges on USB Type C, and the $30 Satechi car charger is an essential thing for your car. The car charger is small and a steal at this price range. You can get up to 60 watts out of the USB C port and 12 watts out of another port. You can even fast charge your phone, but the kicker is you can fast charge your MacBook with the Satechi car charger.

Anglink is the powerhouse that you can plug into your car. It gives two full-sized 100 outlets, two USB ports, along a cigarette lighter outlet.

The Anglink inverter has got 3-IN-1 200 Watt AC to DC power cords, so this will definitely be useful for those family car trips. Now you don’t have to worry about draining your battery as you do a heavy task on your MacBook like playing games, editing videos, and whatnot. You can quickly charge your MacBook on the Anglink inverter without worrying anything about voltage issues and errors. Supposedly the Anglink inverter has two 100 watt ports that you can use to charge two MacBooks simultaneously.

3. Belkin USB-C car charger

The Belkin car charger claims to charge your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook quickly and safely. It can fast-charge your accessories in 36 watts. However, the 36 watts might not be sufficient to charge your laptop as quickly as Apple’s car charger, which can deliver 65 watts.

You can get the Belkin USB-C car charger in most Apple outlets. It’s a cigarette cable that goes into your car dashboard. There is a single port in the Belkin USB-C charger that means you can charge only up to one accessory at a time. As you plug in the cable to the car compartment, you get a nice little green light to tell you it’s working. Now, you can take your MacBook cord and insert it into its available port.

Can you leave the MacBook plugged in when it’s fully charged?

People have a general perception that charging a laptop even after it’s fully charged will degrade the battery cell and discharge faster. Well, once the laptop reaches 100% battery, it automatically stops charging. It means that there is not any adverse effect on the battery cell leaving the charger connected overnight.

Now, when there is a slight drop in battery percentage, the charger kicks in and charges it to 100% again. This should make it clear that you won’t face any issues leaving your MacBook charging in the car while you take a long break.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your MacBook’s battery life if you really have the car charger. It can be a lifesaver on road trips. It’s really unbelievable for the value that you can actually get the car charger that can charge up to 130 watts.


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