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How to Improve Your Kill-death Ratio on Valorant

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Valorant is a tactical character-based shooter that has taken the PC gaming industry by storm. This game solely tests your skills and competitive ability. It is easy to get into and free to play in all manner of PC. However, this is a new rated mode kind of game that tests all aspects of your gaming to rise the leader board. If you want to rank up, it requires time, determination, and lots of practice. You have to be good and creative in your game. having a good kill-death ratio (KD) is incredibly important in Valorant.

Below are vital things that might help you rank up fast in Valorant and surprise your competitors. 

Choice of agent 

Your agent is who wins you the game. The abilities of the agent are what differentiates a top-level player and a low-level player. Before starting to play, you should go through all the agents compare their skills and abilities to know which agent is best for which level of the game.

Each agent has pros and cons; however, some have more advantages compared to others. Avoid agents with low estimates unless you have used them are have a high skill rate when using them. If you want to rank up fast stick with agents with great mechanics and skills to get things done quickly. 


As a valorant player, you should be well conversant with any type of weapon. You can try out some of the best hacks for valorant to help you work on your skills, improve your aim, and perform practice drills. However, this always takes time, and you have to be patient and committed. Learning the weapons is very important to help you level up in valorant since you won’t have a hard time using any kind of weapon while gaming. 

Working with your team 

Valorant is about coordinated sear and destroy. Your points go higher with a carefully organized and team-focused approach. Your teammates should be carefully working together to make decisions such as where to attack, which strategy to use, what to buy, and what abilities to use when defending or attacking a site.

Going up the rank requires your team to remain in constant communication even after the round starts. This allows your team to change a well-planned strategy during the game in case the first one did not work. 

Economy and game sense 

The economy is the amount of money you and your team have in the bank to buy weapons and upgrade equipment. Having a healthy economy is vital to winning levels and going up the rank. This is because if you have enough money, you can buy better weapons to kill your enemies, it gives you access to better firepower. 

Team composition 

You need to choose agents in your team wisely. You need to have agents performing specific roles accurately to improve the kill death ratio on Valorant. Also, make sure your choice of agents is in cohesion with the other team players. 


Ranking high in valorant is not much of a hassle if you are a skilled player. However, if it is your first time playing or you still developing the skills you need to put in a lot of work. Invest your time practicing and researching the best hack for valorant to help you master the basic game mechanics. 


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