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How to Make the Most of Instagram & Promote Your Account

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Instagram has become more and more associated with something more than just a platform with pretty pictures these days. Today, Instagram offers many opportunities to enhance your business, which is the main feature of “modern” Instagram. Not only can you find friends and inspiration, but you can also sell, promote, engage and do everything you may to transform your business for the better. But it’s not as simple as that; as time goes on and selling methods change, so do the opportunities on Insta. So today, I’m going to talk about how you can get the most out of Instagram, using the basic and best tips to boost your profile popularity and bring your business to the next stage.

Regular posting

The flow of content is happening at a staggering rate every day. The news feed is constantly updated. Regular publishing is essential for your post and account to appear frequently in your subscribers’ feeds. Yes, it’s fast-paced, but if you make it a habit to regularly refresh and update your feed with high-quality content, you’ll benefit from it. 

You are free to make the most of third-party growth services like Upleap, Bigbangram.com, Instazood, Combin, Instamber, and other Instagram tool usage for quicker and more effective advancement of your Instagram account. Such services are multifunctional and usually associated with smart automation. Their primary purpose is to promote accounts within the minimum amount of time. 

User-oriented content

Endless selfies are also an Insta feature, but you have to think of your public first. I don’t think selfies are the only thing they’re interested in. Before you plan your posts, you need to research your audience, what they’re interested in, their problems, and how you can help solve them. Publish info that attracts users and makes them eager to look forward to the next post. User-centered content is many times more effective. 

Relevant hashtags usage

Here is another crucial thing to consider when you desire to promote your profile. Hashtags are a powerful growth tool used by marketing companies today. Hashtags are like a navigator that can guide users to your profile. But not every hashtag can do this, only the most relevant one and top among your IG audience.

There are two methods to find corresponding hashtags: using an online Instagram tool called hashtag generator or identifying a top account in your niche and searching for the hashtags a user pastes most often in his/her posts.

NB: branded hashtags that you create yourself are particularly powerful because they will raise your product awareness.

Reveal and use your creativity

Yet Instagram is primarily associated with appealing visuals, which often bring in new users. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to the visual appearance of the account. 

Here are some tips for creating a great-looking profile:

  • Identify a specific color palette and stick to it when creating Highlights, Stories, and posts.
  • Process photos with the same filters to make the profile look like a single whole;
  • Think about the subject matter of the content: will it be people’s stories, your own experiences with pictures from different countries, or photos with details in a minimalist style? 

Anyway, connect the content theme with your product/brand/business description and goals.

Don’t hesitate to use editors (an Instagram tool for image/video editing: VCSO, Adobe Photoshop, etc.) to help you create perfect pictures for Insta. 

Collaborate with influencers

It’s also worth remembering that Instagram gives you the chance to meet people from various parts of the world. 

If taken seriously, acquaintances on Instagram can be used as a collaboration. The idea is to find a blogger or influencer with a mirror audience and agree on advertising your product or service for a price. In this way, you can expand your follower base with influencer subscribers.

Don’t ignore Stories.

IG users adore the Stories even more than the news feed. It’s interesting, engaging, and only the breaking news. That’s why creating stories and profile design is very important. Keep in mind to follow the same colors as in the posts, tag venues, hashtags, and other users to increase interaction and engagement.


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