How to Spy Your Wife’s Phone Easily Than Never Before

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A few years down the line, even the best of marriages can get a little shaky. While everyone has arguments, if one partner drifts away to find interest in someone else, things can get out of hand pretty soon.

So think about it very carefully. Have you been noticing subtle changes in your wife’s behavior? Has she become more irritable than before? Is she often stuck to her phone? If the answer to all those questions is ‘Yes’, my friend, you need to find out if your relationship is in danger.

One look at her calls and texts can let you know everything. But since physically getting your hands on her phone could be tough, you need to be smart and use a phone spying app. Let us show you how.

Part 1: How to Spy on Wife’s Phone

When we say phone spying app, we mean a comprehensive monitoring solution that can constantly keep track of everything that happens on a particular device. Since this solution would be “spying” on your wife, it would need to be utterly discreet and stealthy in its working.

Additionally, although you’d want to know what’s happening on your wife’s phone by practically hacking into it with such a solution, you’d also want to ensure the personal data of you as a couple that’s stored on your wife’s phone doesn’t get compromised or leaked.

Any app that fulfills those two requirements would make for a great way to keep tabs on your wife’s activities in a secure, secret, and clever manner. And in our opinion, no other app other than Spyier can help you achieve this.

We bet you’re interested, so let’s not waste any more time and quickly check this guide to spy your wife using Spyier.

1.1 Spyder – The only phone Spy app you’ll ever trust

Spyder is a neat phone monitoring solution that’s been around for 10+ years in the market. It has served millions of customers in over 190 countries and hailed by giants like Forbes, TechRadar, and TheGuardian as the leading phone spying solution.

Working like a charm on iOS and Android platforms, Spyder lets you keep track on your significant other without the peril of being caught in the act. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to get Spyder to work. Nor do you have to install anything on your own phone or computer.

How to Spy Your Wife's Phone Easily Than Never Before 1

The app only needs to be configured to work with the target device. And if you’re wondering how you will get to see what happens on your wife’s phone, well, all data from her phone will be relayed to an online dashboard which you’ll be able to access using ANY web-browser once you’ve registered with the app.

Spyier Spies on your Wife’s Phone “Without Her Knowing”

Working with Spyier is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply configure it according to the OS of the target device and get spying.

The iOS version of the app is completely cloud-based, meaning no hassle of installation on the target phone. It works completely remotely by syncing your wife’s iCloud backup details into its online dashboard. Since nothing is installed anywhere, your wife can have no clue that you’re on to her.

Talking about Spyier’s Android version, while it does need to be installed on the target phone, you can hide it from the application drawer to give the impression that it isn’t even there. And if you’re worried about the “installation” part, let us assure you, it takes less than 5-minutes and it is in line with standard Android phone monitoring practices.

Note: If you come across an app that claims to achieve Android phone spying without access to the target phone, it is a fake and can steal your money. It would be best to stay away from it.

spyier dashboard
How to Spy Your Wife's Phone Easily Than Never Before 2

Coming back to Spyier’s Android version, the application size is small (less than 3M) and one can easily uninstall the app with one click from the phone settings. Moreover, it doesn’t drain excessive battery so spotting it is not likely.

Why trust Spyier?

If you’re still skeptical about using Spyier, let us walk you through some of its best aspects:

The cherry on the cake is the free live demo which the app offers so that you can try it before you buy!

1.2: How to Set-up Spyier

Step 1: Create a free Spyier account and pick your subscription plan.

signup option
How to Spy Your Wife's Phone Easily Than Never Before 3

Step 2: Now you would be asked to pick the OS of the target phone. Please specify according to the requirement.

spyier wizard
How to Spy Your Wife's Phone Easily Than Never Before 4

Step 3: Once the OS has been selected, follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard:

a) For Android:

You will receive an email on your registered ID with download link and installation instructions.

b) For iOS:

Provide your wife’s iCloud credentials so that Spyier can start syncing iCloud backup data into its online dashboard.

Step 4: In the end, you will be presented with a finish installation prompt where you can click on the ‘Start” button to begin remote monitoring on your wife’s phone.

To conclude

Applications like Spyier can help you find out if you’ve invested your time in someone properly. It is necessary for you to know if they’re reciprocating the love and concern you have for them. With this app, you can keep a tab on your significant other without the fear of them knowing.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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