How to Use Helvetica Font in a Brand Awareness?

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Mind it, each font is here to benefit a different purpose, and as a designer, you must acknowledge the particular objective of a font you will use in your next project/brand. This guide is about the Helvetica font, its usage, and how it helps you create brand awareness.

If you have stepped into the designing field and are dealing with fonts and typefaces, then remember that without getting the basic concepts of its usage, you cannot move ahead. It is crucial to understand how you can use a certain font for brand awareness so that your brand stands tall in the competitive market.

How to use Helvetica Font in Brand Awareness

Do you know how this font has accumulated millions of hearts after being used in numerous prevalent brands? There is a long list of brands and corporations that are quite prosperous today, and the font they have used is Helvetica, including Nestle, American Airlines, Target, etc.

If you are executing a brand and still looking for a perfect font that would be an immaculate choice, let me demonstrate how to use this amazing font in the design for brand awareness. Keep reading to learn some interesting pieces of information.

1- Use the font on Logos/Headings

If you are a graphic designer then you must be aware that the Helvetica font is a san-serif font that is available to use free for personal projects and it has been giving ease to designers since 1957 when it came into being. Since then, people have witnessed numerous variations of this font that made it a versatile family. This font instantly comes to mind whenever the designer wants to focus on legibility.

This font has a tall x-height that makes it easy for people to understand the context even from a distance; hence, you can use this font on noticeable places like logos or headings that need everyone’s engagement. Understandability is the key to a brand’s success, so utilizing this font on logos or titles will be the foremost step toward success.

2- Make Proper Pairing

Font pairing is another great component of a brand’s success, so never mess up things. If you are using Helvetica on Logos or titles, it is important to acknowledge which font will go best on the text part. Helvetica Neue, Benton Sans, Roboto, Aria, etc. are a few fonts that make a lovely combination, so you can pick anyone as per the necessity.

While using the pairing, remember that the overuse of everything is bad. Hence, be limited and use 2 or 3 fonts in a design, so the reader doesn’t get confused. You can overlook other fonts as well which makes a terrific pairing.

3- Use of font Variations

The best part is that this font is enriched with a list of variations, and each one has been specifically used for different platforms. For instance, you can use Helvetica Inserat for an advertising platform because it has a large x-height and makes the text legible and readable.

Similarly, Helvetica Rounded version is here to be employed in places that need to be distinguished because it contains bold letters. There are many other variants as well, including Helvetica textbook, Narrow, Helvetica compressed, etc, so you will have many choices to utilize.

4- Do not loose Consistency

Consistency is above everything, so never lose it. Once you have picked 2 or 3 fonts, be consistent with them instead of switching from one font to another. Suppose a reader is smoothly reading the content on your site; the inconsistent font use can surely lose their tempo, and they are likely to close the page. This factor is one of the main elements of how to create brand awareness, so never neglect it in your coming projects. With Helvetica, you can complement 2 other fonts and then keep using them.

5- Focus on the Font Size

Normally people think that using extremely large-size fonts can make the text readable, but that is a myth. Large-size fonts take up enough space resulting in storage issues. Hence, better pick medium-sized fonts and then use them in a way that they look readable by giving reasonable space.

Inarguably, Helvetica is said to be the most readable font; that’s why every big brand has picked it for their main projects. You won’t have to work hard on the size issue of the font.

6- Do not use Similar fonts

The font combination you are using should have some similarities, but using exactly the same 3 fonts in a single design won’t make any difference. The reader won’t differentiate these fonts, so be cautious and use those fonts that are not too identical but should complement each other. With Helvetica, you can use Gramond font, Raleway font, DIN font, etc. All these fonts make a lovely pair.

Where Helvetica Font is used?

It is one of the highly operated san-serif fonts that has made an appearance in considerable renowned places and platforms. Not a single corporation or industry that doesn’t get their hands on this fantastic font. From the media industry to government departments to tax revenues, it is still used everywhere.

1- Transportation

Talking about the transportation field, Helvetica was used on the most notable New York public transportation in 1989. One of the largest cities, Riga has also used this font

on the street signs. Moreover, the different versions of this font have been approached by different transportation departments in countries across the globe, which has boosted its value.

2- Media Industry

In numerous television series, many writers and directors have used this font in their works, which turned out quite booming, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this font has played a noteworthy role in the success. In 2007, a famous documentary movie came on the screens by a celebrated director Gary Hustwit. In that documentary, this font shined like stars.

In 2007, an Art exhibition was held in New York where this font was also seen. Later, in 2011, Apple decided to pick this font to use on one of the jokes regarding April fool. There will be a lot of events where you surely have seen this font.

3- Government Use

The US government made it their official font for all tax revenues or government meetings for many years. Above all, NASA also didn’t miss an opportunity to experiment with this font. Later, the Canadian government also got its eyes on this font and started using it on different platforms. Not only Helvetica but its variants also got huge praise.


The history of Helvetica font is not that well known but it was introduced many decades ago, so the number of places where it made an entry is impossible to cite. Still, one cannot deny the implication of this font, and the way it was perceived by the designers and the public is impressive. Knowing the font’s significance is not enough, as you should also brace yourself for how to use it if you want to take your brand to the number 1 spot.

Whatever information you were searching for about this font can easily be found here. Along with that, the places where it was commonly employed in the past are also discussed briefly in this informative guide. I am sure this article will help you and you can manage to use the font in your designs and projects properly.

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