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Impacts of Augmented Reality in Changing Consumer Behavior

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Wouldn’t it be interesting if before buying any product you can hold the product in your hand or visualize it in your hand and make a choice whether you want to buy it or choose some other product? Yes, with the invention of the Augmented Reality app it is now possible to try a dress on yourself and then decide whether you want to take it or not sitting inside your home. With the invention of Augmented Reality, life would become so easy and also interesting at the same time.

This is the intensity of Augmented Reality that has opened up new domains of potential outcomes for entrepreneurs over the world. This change in outlook is helping entrepreneurs’ spare valuable time and a large number of dollars, in this manner improving their ROI essentially.

AR is diminishing the time taken to repair the breakdown in the workflow by totally changing the way it is being repaired. With AR-empowered gadgets, experts can now just check the machine with the help of their cell phones and view the specialized issues of the gear on their tablet or keen glasses in details. AR helps them to see the inner parts of the machine as a 3D overlay, share the visuals with different groups and decide the arrangement.

What is Augmented Reality App?

It is the capacity to incorporate computerized information into a continuous affair. It is the concept of removing the line separating the virtual world from the real world. After the removal of this line, you can now experience the virtual world which you can see on the screen and also can feel it, see it in real life with the help of various equipment like camera, lens, mic systems, etc. Dissimilar to virtual reality, which is prominent among gamers, there are no massive video headsets to battle with. Best used in the smartphones which make the consumers more attracted to this AR system.

Different sectors in which Augmented Reality App is creating a difference in the mindset of the consumers –

1. Healthcare facilities: AR is used in improving the standard of the diagnostic methods to detect the problem inside the patient’s body without doing surgery. Consumers can get rid of invasive surgeries with the help of AR technology. This AR technology can provide radical transformation in the field of medicine and healthcare.

2. Real estate business: consumers can view their apartment with the help of the Augmented Reality App such that they can now visualize their room in a holographic way rather than 2D on the screen. This makes the consumer believe more in the model of real estate.

AR system is being adopted by different online shopping sites for easy shopping of the customers. For e.g., you can visualize a watch which you want to buy as if it is on your hand with the help of the smartphone’s camera. You can scan your face on the screen and chose which spectacle matches your face. These are the few things which use the Augmented Reality App to make their marketing and also make the customers satisfied.

3. Travels and transportation: AR is used for better navigation, details about the routes, restaurants; provide discounts coupons and many other facilities to the consumer.

4. Game section: games like Pokémon Go use the AR system such that you can catch virtual animals but at a real-life location. This game is one of the apps which have the first vast usage of Augmented Reality.

Future of Augmented Reality Apps

Worldwide Market Insights predicts that the AR advertise is relied upon to almost double itself by 2024 with by far most of the organizations using some type of increased reality to associate with and connect with their clients. There is going to be a huge increase in demand for the AR apps in the near future.

As eCommerce keeps on developing and advance, Augmented Reality is sure to become of the most demanding system for the consumers in the online shopping sites. Organizations are using AR, hoping to improve how we purchase anything from shoes to furniture. The big brand like Vans and Converse are making use to this so that the customers can buy after having a proper idea of the product. Ikea is refining their application that gives you a chance to put their items in your home. Amazon and Microsoft are also coming into the market of AR apps. They are taking a shot at new AR innovations, in the long run, to make virtual conditions appear in real life for the consumers.


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