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The most important tool every marketer should be using

Anwar Shaikh
Anwar Shaikh
Seasoned Inbound Content Marketer & Copy Editor with more than 8 years of experience in generating and curating user-centric content for new-age technologies like loT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Automation, AR & VR across multiple domains.

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Stuck in an ice age, some marketers still work with spreadsheets when it comes to customer relationship management. Though spreadsheet is a great tool, it has its share of restrictions and a growing company simply cannot run its critical operations with the help of spreadsheets alone, and marketing is no exception.

Customers are the backbones of a business. They unarguably are the most prized assets. Customers are the ones who provide valuable feedback for your products/services thus, serving as the catalysts to help you come up with novel concepts and ideas, which in turn helps to serve them in a much better manner. Most importantly, no business can afford to overlook the revenue its customers bring in to help it scale up.

This is why customer satisfaction and happiness has to top the priority list. Customer happiness goes beyond simply valuing your customers for choosing your business/brand since it is also about understanding them. Now when we talk about customer satisfaction and happiness, we simply can’t deny the importance of customer relationship management (CRM).

Since marketing is the key to successful CRM, you certainly cannot risk losing your customers with spreadsheets for customer relationship management. Here are few convincing reasons a marketing team can’t do without a good CRM software.

CRM is a time-honored stratagem!

Apparently, the term CRM has been around for more than a decade among sales personnel and has rapidly made its way into the marketing landscape.

Yes, customer relationship management has come a long way from spreadsheets, ledgers, and Rolodex to cutting-edge CRM software solutions. Long story short, CRM has witnessed a significant revolution.

Marketing as we know generates loads of customer information on daily basis, which includes data pertaining to opportunities, leads, purchase history, prospects, leads, etc. CRM for marketers often circles around strategies employed to devise marketing campaigns aimed to attract/influence a set of audiences. Old-school customer relationship management practices won’t yield the desired results whilst eating up loads of efforts and time of marketers. This is why CRM software services are gaining a decent amount of traction among marketing professionals these days.

How can the best CRM software spruce up your marketing efforts?

Do you know the number of prospects or leads you have in your sales pipeline from a particular city? If you are not able to segregate your customer base, you’ll probably end up sending the same message to all of them, which might fetch bad reputation along with a bunch of irritated prospects.

CRM systems help to uplift your brand reach through aptly devised and targeted messages whilst speeding up your marketing endeavors. Eureka! Personalized marketing just became a lot easier and faster.

The cornerstone of successful marketing is quality data and CRM solutions help marketing and sales departments to manage the company’s relationships and interactions with both prospective as well as existing customers. Simply put, CRM system offers a centralized hub for all kind of customer data right from contacts to telephone numbers and addresses to interests and purchasing history/patterns. CRM opens the doors to customer intelligence.

Now, customer intelligence is all about knowing your customers both prospective as well as existing. On the other hand, effective marketing is the key to attaining customer intelligence.

Did you know? CRM software can improve customer retention levels by up to 25%!

Benefits of Social CRM solutions

Social media is an integral aspect of our daily lives. What began as a means to interact has transformed into a part-and-parcel of our daily life. Be it shopping, ordering food, reviewing products, etc. social media lets you do all. Businesses too are tapping into social media platforms to create customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Social CRM integrates all your social profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to your CRM software. It helps you track and understand your customers’ digital footprints on social media platforms thus, helping you identify their preferences, interests, and behavior. It helps you learn and understand the type of content your customers, as well as prospects, are searching for by tracking keywords, shares, likes, and clicks.

Customer service and marketing teams can key in and share critical information pertaining to customers into the system for seamless sales pipeline management. Every department in the company right from sales to operations can get the required customer data at the click of a button. With such convenience at hand, marketing and sales teams can collaborate seamlessly towards a common goal i.e. winning new business.

CRM helps sales and marketing team up

Marketing and customer service people can key in as well as share all the critical data pertaining to customers into the CRM system paving way for a transparent sales pipeline. Right from sales to operations, everyone gets quick access to customer data at the click of a button. This enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate cohesively and work towards a common objective, i.e. tapping new customers.

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand, but with spreadsheets or any other legacy system/practice, a business is sure to tremble when it comes to getting insights related to marketing efforts. Further, the sales department will be clueless about the leads and prospects lying in your sales pipeline.

As mentioned above, the key to successful marketing is all about understanding your target audience and a CRM software lets you do that. Marketers ought to understand and reach their audiences the way they prefer, which is why you need to have a good CRM software.


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