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This is what professionals do: Improving team efficiency and productivity the right way

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Working in a team can be a great way to become more productive by pushing each other to achieve more. However, sometimes it means that boundaries are lost and team members start taking long breaks and talking during their work hours.

That’s why a team leader should make certain changes in how the team functions in order to finish the job on time. It’s not easy to manage a group of people and stay on top of your own tasks at the same time, but it’s not impossible. By following a few simple rules, your team could soon enough become the best one in the office and you’ll be proud of the work you’ve done.

Learn how to communicate

Online Communication

The key to productivity is establishing good communication, which might take some time, but you need to be consistent with the rules. There are several levels of communication and you need to use all of them in order to create a balance.

Use an online platform to communicate about certain deadlines and make sure your team members know their tasks and obligations. Regular one on one meetings should be used if you want to see how individual team members are doing and if there’s something you could do to help them.

They are also good to deal with some problems between people or see if there’s something behind the low quality of their work. From time to time, organize a group meeting to see how the group is doing and give them an inspirational speech to boost their productivity.

Give the team members different roles

Once you get to know your team, you’ll be able to see what kind of job works best for them. Creating different roles is definitely the best way to keep the productivity level on the rise in different projects. Everyone has different types of priorities when they’re working on a task, so why not give them what they enjoy doing instead of forcing them to work on things they don’t like?

Depending on each personality, talk to your teammates about the responsibilities and types of work each part of the job brings. You’ll need to divide the tasks between the team members in order to have the best results and finish everything on time. There are even some tests you could have everyone do to see which role will be the most suitable for them.

Organize your workspace area

Organise Workspace

Everyone has a certain way they like to organize their workspace area and it this can get quite tricky if you have a large number of people working in the same room. For starters, by removing all the distractions you’ll end up with nothing less than a clear space for productivity. Supply your team members with quality furniture and make sure the layout is set to make everyone comfortable.

Apart from that, there are some excellent yet affordable office supplies to help you organize your team’s daily tasks. You’ll see that arranging the office plays a significant role in productivity. Have individual areas as well as a space for meetings, where you’ll set a whiteboard and a projector to go through tasks more efficiently and quickly.

Include team building

A strong team should function as a whole and you won’t be able to achieve that if every member of your team doesn’t feel safe and comfortable. Having a good relationship with the teammates will help everyone feel included. Apart from that, it will also set a good workflow and strengthen the mutual relations.

Food relationship from time to time, organize gatherings and always include everyone in making the decision about what it should be. You can go simple and go for a drink after work where you can play darts and shoot pool, or opt for a weekend filled with activities. Many camping sites allow team building activities, too, and all you have to do is gather the team and enjoy the weekend.

Productivity is more than making everyone do their job and trying to squeeze in as much as possible into one day. Sometimes, running a team means juggling different types of jobs and handling more than one obligation, but it certainly pays off. Finally, don’t forget to let everyone know that you appreciate their effort and keep telling them they’re doing a good job.


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