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Increase your website leads with powerful Lead Magnets

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Have you ever downloaded bonus content from your favorite website?

Or do you remember subscribing to a website newsletter to get access to some unique opportunities?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve gone from being a website visitor to becoming its lead. That’s because you ended up at one of its lead magnets. And in case you want your business website to get the same lead results, you should create one too. 

A powerful lead magnet will help you take the relationship with your audience to a higher level, to mutual satisfaction. On the one hand, your visitors will enjoy the content that they are interested in. On the other hand, you’ll increase your lead generation rate and improve the chances of selling your products or services.

And if you’re willing to find out more about the ways of creating a powerful lead magnet, read on. In this article, we’ll be talking about some great lead magnet examples that will help you keep your website visitors interested in your brand. 

Best Lead Magnet ideas for your website

If you’re wondering how to create a lead magnet that works, you should have in mind two essential requirements. The first one is that the content behind your lead magnet offers real value to your customers by being relevant and valuable to your niche. And the second one is to have your lead magnet attractive and well-designed. 

While the latter requirement is something that your website designer should work on, you must pay special attention to the essence of your magnet. So, let’s check some of the lead magnet examples that could help you increase the number of leads.

#1 Content upgrade as a Lead Magnet

If your website includes a blog section, you can make great use out of the content upgrade magnet. Practically speaking, apart from offering a regular public blog post, you’ll be providing additional information to those who subscribe to your mailing list. 

So, for instance, while the regular post may present information in theory, you can use practical examples as a lead magnet. Or, if you write a public post in the form of a list, you can provide additional bullets for your subscribers. 

According to Brian Dean, this is the strategy that brought his website, Backlinko, an increase in conversion rate, from 0.54% to 4.82%.  

#2 Ebook as a Lead Magnet

If the word ebook makes it seem too complicated, think of it as a series of blog posts related to a specific topic that’s interesting to your visitors. Depending on your strategy, create an ebook that either consist of some posts that you’ve already published, or you create entirely new content.

Ebook As a Lead Magnet

On the one hand, in the first case, you’ll be helping readers get easier access to the content with the same topic. On the other hand, the second option will create value by providing fresh content that they couldn’t read before.

No matter whether you base your magnet lead on readers’ convenience or fresh share of information, the fact is that you’ll provoke their interest. 

#3 Printable checklist as a Lead Magnet

If you write blog posts based on instructions and practical advice, then you have the ideal material for the creation of actionable checklists. Transform the paragraphs into handy suggestions and divide them into subtopics in the form of steps to follow. 

This way, you’re providing the readers with a practical strategy that should help them achieve their goals. In other words, you’re making things less complicated and abstract. Help your leads to get the most out of the checklist, provide it in a printable format, such as PDF. 

#4 Webinar as a Lead Magnet

Did you know that 79% of customers are willing to share their contact information if you offer them a webinar? So, webinars are definitely among the most attractive lead magnet ideas. They do require more time and effort as you have to plan a diversity of aspects to make them impeccable, but they also provide excellent results.

Knowing that they’ll get a real, live lecture on the topic of their interest, visitors be more likely to put their trust in you. No wonder they’d be ready to provide their contact information, as you’ll be giving them a chance to get valuable content for free. 

Besides, your webinar doesn’t have to follow the form of a typical presentation. You can also include interactive parts, interviews, case study analysis, and numerous other types of content to keep the audience engaged. The only thing that matters is that you stay on topic. 

#5 Live chat salesforce integration as a Lead Magnet

Although it may not be your first idea when thinking about lead magnets, live chat can be a great help when converting visitors into leads. All you have to do is find the best live chat software for eCommerce and use it wisely to attract new leads.

Once you get the right software, live chat Salesforce integration lets you automate lead generation. So, providing proactive and personalized chat sessions, you’re making your live chat support another valuable lead generation magnet. 

live chat salesforce integration

While your agents increase customers’ interest and help them out finding their way on your website, the integration with Salesforce offers you additional help. You get to:

  • Identify potential leads based on your interaction;
  • Use email marketing programs to follow up on specific leads;
  • Make the software system save contacts as leads after each chat session, etc.

With automated lead generation, you get to do with live chat Salesforce integration, you get to: 

  • save your time on manual lead information collection 
  • get a valuable chance of increasing your profits.

Understand the essence of Lead Magnets to generate more leads

As you can see, the strength of your lead magnet lies in its two critical characteristics. Firstly, it’s about its potential to attract customer attention. Secondly, it’s about the value that they create to make your customers get the most out of your product or service. 

So, practically speaking, the more educative and meaningful content you provide behind your magnet, the more leads you’ll be able to generate. And some of the most popular and efficient ways of increasing the number of leads are content upgrades, ebooks, worksheets and checklists, webinars, as well as live chat software integrated with Salesforce. 


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