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Innovative software development tech to work with in 2021

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As more programmers enter the field of custom software development, there are plenty of pioneering, forward-looking tech solutions to work with this year. In fact, nearly three-quarters of developers are already working with tools for source code collaboration, continuous integration (CI), or delivery (CD). Others are even working with code review, issue tracking, and static analyses tools. As an experienced developer, adopting these solutions empowers you to accelerate product delivery, maximize productivity, and streamline efficiency.

To help you get started, read on to learn about the innovative software development tech to work with in 2021.

Source code collaboration networks

First and foremost, some of the most popular software development tech solutions are for source code collaboration. These pioneering tools are user-friendly platforms that facilitate collaborative coding. This way, you can code, build, test, and deploy with core members of your team, as well as with developers from across the globe. Using these systems, you can quickly contribute to projects, build a community surrounding your code, and learn from others in your industry. Of course, this often leads to higher levels of efficiency, fewer mistakes, and increased code quality.

Source Code Collaboration
Computer code | Image credit: Alex Chumak/Unsplash

Moreover, source code collaboration tools help you accelerate onboarding, bolster team morale, and improve programmer resiliency. Certainly, source code collaboration tools are a great productivity-boosting solution to use in 2021.

Header-only libraries

In addition, utilize a header-only library to enhance your custom software development efficiency, productivity, and speed. These advanced solutions, such as pybind11, function as a lightweight header-only library that rapidly uncovers C++ types in Python code, as well as the other way around. This way, you can seamlessly operate between C++11 and Python.

Code Libraries
Computer screen showing codes | Image credit: Emile Perron/Unsplash

Adopting this solution, you can write normal C++ code, then use it to export functions or types from Python modules. Naturally, this well help you to accelerate product delivery, reduce frustrations, and boost efficiency. Surely, a header-only library is the perfect tool to enhance your software programming efforts.

Workflow automation tools

Next, workflow automation tools have shown explosive growth in the custom software development market. These tech solutions empower you to create automated processes that implement operational rules, integrations, or common logic. Similarly, these tools provide visual debugging, programming functions, and automated testing capabilities.

This way, you can readily develop database programs, event-triggered applications, or alternative custom software products. Leveraging these systems, you can minimize errors, bolster connectivity, and boost your daily productivity. Naturally, this empowers you to eliminate mundane, time-consuming tasks, improve your work culture, and foster transparency. Moreover, you can use these solutions to strategically tackle software development challenges. Indeed, workflow automation tools are a great tech solution for you and your team to work with this year.

Software analytics platforms

At the same time, many experienced programmers will recommend using custom software analytics platforms. Analytics tools help you uncover code errors, vulnerabilities, and potential bugs in your program before you make any commitments. In addition, they will include features for anti-pattern detection, unmaintainable code detection, and rapid source code scans. This way, you can foster better decision-making, strong predictive modeling, and accurate forecasting. Certainly, this will enhance user retention and loyalty once your information system is launched.

Software Analytics Tools
Businessman working on analytics part | Image credit: biancoblue/freepik

Moreover, analytics platforms will even help you prevent catastrophic corporate emergencies, inspire stakeholder confidence, and maintain a superior user experience. Absolutely, custom software analytics platforms are a pioneering solution to adopt in 2021.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Of course, an integrated development environment is one of the most popular resources to use for your 2021 SDLC. An IDE combines all the tools you need to develop a successful custom software product. Most commonly, this includes a source code compiler, debugger, and editor. At the same time, many high-level tools include autocompletion, syntax highlighting, and build automation capabilities. This way, you can streamline efficiency, control, and product management. Using these tools, you can accelerate product delivery and improve overall flexibility. Definitely, an IDE is the perfect software development tech solution to adopt in 2021.

There are several pioneering software development tech solutions to work with this year. First off, source code collaboration tools are a fundamental option to improve teamwork and learn from others. In addition, source code collaboration tools will help you maximize flexibility, agility, and control. Next, consider the importance of working with workflow automation tools. At the same time, there are plenty benefits of using custom software analytics platforms.

Of course, consider leveraging an IDE to maximize productivity, efficiency, and collaboration. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the pioneering software development tech to work with in 2021.


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