8 Reasons as to why Instagram is great for every business

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One very significant step in the 21st century has been the rapid advent of social media which has brought people from all around the world closer. One major social media that changed the face of online interaction is Facebook. Instagram is another application that has come close to the popularity and reach of Facebook.

The best part about Instagram is that it has a huge number of followers, so visibility is increased manifold. According to statistics, more than 40 million pictures get uploaded on Instagram every day. This whopping number is evidence enough how Instagram can be used to promote or market products, especially because so many people log into it and browse it for hours.

It is but only natural to make use of this craze and popularity for a positive effect and implement methods to popularize your business simultaneously. Since it is a visual method of promotion, images are going to be ingrained in the viewer’s mind for a longer period of time and if the images are appealing enough, it will be like hitting a jackpot.

Your business will expand by leaps and bounds. As the old saying goes, your business is as good as its advertisement and Instagram is a perfect platform to do the same. In this article, the top 8 reasons why Instagram can be used as a beneficial tool have been discussed in detail.

A picture is worth more than words

Even though words are effective in the propagation of an idea, once it becomes a visual reference, the effect of the same idea becomes much more long-lasting. You can even convey the passion you have for your business more effectively through pictures.

Since Instagram is an exclusive pictorial social media application, it can be put to full use for this purpose itself. Interesting images of your business venture can be put up on Instagram and keeping your profile open to public viewing will lead to more and more hits. Another method of increasing visibility is through the use of an enigmatic platform called WordPress.

It is an easy way of creating a website with designer themes and images and you can add a widget to your Instagram page advertising your business. Anyone surfing through the website will be directed to the Instagram page as well. Thus, the integration of WordPress and Instagram will prove to be immensely beneficial.

You can offer the behind the scenes look

What your business offers is bound to be interesting but sometimes what happens behind the scenes is as interesting. Displaying those images on Instagram will give the viewers a sense of familiarity and build a good rapport. If you are offering a product, the way it is made or an interview of the people associated with its manufacturing gives the true perspective of an insider and holds the fascination of most of the people.

The curiosity of ‘behind the curtain’ is instrumental in increasing the popularity of the business. Again, WordPress will be very helpful here. Once you use WordPress to create the website, you can add the Instagram news feed to it. Displaying the number of followers you have will also help. You can log on to Gramblast to increase the number of followers of your account drastically.

Encourage the customer to participate

When the interaction is a two-way street, it is much more interesting and amiable. If you want your business to be more intriguing you can add questions on your Instagram feed and ask the customers to answer them.

Using hashtags is a popular method of referring to a particular topic. Encourage your customers to pose with the product that you are selling along with the hashtags. You can use these Instagram hashtags on your WordPress page as well which will redirect people directly to the Instagram page and more people will view it.

Helps to carve out a personality for the business

The kind of images you share on Instagram goes a long way in portraying the general personality of your business.

Thus, if you want a certain message to be passed on to your viewers about your business, you can easily do so with the help of appropriate images on Instagram. The kind of posts you do will be reflective of the agendas of the business and in combination with other social media application and WordPress will help to build the correct aura that you desire.

Instrumental in building trust

When your business is purely online-based, it is a little more difficult to gain the trust of the people. Through Instagram, you can put an identifying and relatable face to your business and your efforts will be more easily appreciated.

Once they see a human form or a funny meme associated with your business, they will be able to place their trust more easily and there will be an upgrade in your sales. It is easier to introduce links on your WordPress page which will connect to your Instagram directly.

Keeps you in the loop of conversation

You can hold contests of choice using Instagram. This will help in making more and more people interested in your page and consequently your business. You can even introduce these contests in WordPress with direct links to Instagram. What you have to keep in mind is that the contest should be relatable and relatively easy to crack so that more and more people can reap the rewards.

Helps you to promote special events

Special events are the deal makers. In order to promote your business faster, you need to organize these kinds of events. If it is a trade fair or something down that line, you can also rely on the fun side of it and upload quirky and funny posts on Instagram to attract more attention.

You can become viral easily

Nowadays, it is just a matter of luck about what gets viral and what bites the dust. You should not be disheartened if some of your posts don’t get the popularity that you expected. One single post can connect to your customers really well and will be the reason people will flock to your Instagram account and since it will be linked to your business, it is bound to improve.


It is true that starting and running a business is not an easy job. Therefore, use all the help that you can, using Instagram for business to your advantage is one of them.

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