How to Integrate Social Media for the Purpose of eCommerce

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Alongside digital media and various technologies, eCommerce is on a constant evolution. However, one aspect is yet to change in this development; how imperative the buyer is in the search intent. Consumers do tend to research, find as well as buy whatever product or service they do require. As such, the article will look into how content marketing can help evolve the issue of eCommerce and how this is done today.

Search algorithms, especially those that are enlisted by Google, are updated on a regular basis. Based on this fact, there is a need for relevance in the content that is used to improve social media. Therefore, there needs to be some change in how eCommerce business operates and the eCommerce site creators need to be in a position to change the mode of thinking when creating a site as this allows the buyer to save his or her time. When the content is well marketed by the site creators, then the buyer journey is a lot easier.

Today, keyword density is no longer an issue, neither are ghost pages or link farms. As such, if you do need your content to rank well for customers who make purchases online using eCommerce sites, you need to ensure that you have quality content on the site.

Naturally, this trend is not one that affects eCommerce exclusively; it is a tactic that is now deployed through various sectors with regard to marketing. However, there is a particular value that directly affects eCommerce, and eCommerce organizations are beginning to see the financial perspective that eCommerce has become. They have begun to realize that content is the most important factor when it comes to merchandise. Therefore, there has been the need to improve the content and make it high-quality content that would fit the clients’ lifestyles and their interests in order to help improve the drive eCommerce process.

Recently, there were interviews that were done by the “Econsultancy and EPiserver report”. They happened to cite an increase in revenue as an economic benefit for the content marketing done by various eCommerce companies.

There was an increase in revenue, visits, conversion, return visits, referrals, order value as well as loyalty.

What is meant by content marketing for improving eCommerce?

There are many roles that are played by content with regard to eCommerce. There is a rise in the editorial as well as curated merchandise and it seems that brands have found out that engaging the customer is key to finding out different elements as well as interest areas, and not just selling a product or service. As such, content plays a major role in inspiring, educating as well as enticing the customers using the information on the brand and why they need it in their life.

The content formats that are available for supporting eCommerce include the following;

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials
  • Editorials
  • Infographics
  • Guides

Content sharing that is lifestyle focused

Norrona is a high-end brand of outdoor clothing that recently re-launched its site online in order to integrate the eCommerce experience into the site. They believe that the issue of sports that include biking, skiing, and snowboarding can be as imperative as the product itself (outdoor clothing).

The editorial that was used for the rebranding of the site follows professional ambassadors who are into snow sports as well. Part of the content includes a famous snowboarder, Andreas Wiig, as he takes a trip to Japan to make review the snow condition as well as the local culture. Essentially, the video shown in the advertisement showcases him as he descends the ski slopes alongside his Japanese host. Additionally, there is inclusive information on how to get to the Hokkaido Islands as well as the curated product.

Interest-focused sharing of content

Key music is another included client that is a music retailer that operates in a number of areas in Europe. Musicians are passionate about their pastime and Key Music found an opportunity to use this type of content in order to engage their clients. The landing page is a combination of the story of a singer named Gibson as well as the product merchandise that allows you to view the Gibson Guitars as well as the craftsmanship that comes along with the brand on YouTube.

There are freelance music writers in the business whose specialty is in different spheres of music that have most clients interested in the content. There was an in-store photo booth that the campaign enlisted in order to stream the businesses content in a store window and display a live feed to ensure that the content is available on Google+ Iconic photography from famous photographers and filmmakers, campaign video content and social media hashtag #beautyproject so as to encourage the interaction of clients on various social media as well as online stores.

Challenges faced by content marketers in eCommerce

There is no drive or effort that lacks challenges. As such, eCommerce comes with its challenges as well. Some of the main blockages for improvement of results include the following.

  • Resources at 40%
  • Technology at 20%
  • Data at 15%
  • Budget at 10%
  • Capability at 10%
  • Management at 5 percent

As such, there is a need for solid content that will make the content management strategy successful. There is a difficulty in the use of content that will only sell without actually selling. When launching or re-launching an eCommerce site, the main issue is selling. Therefore, there is some tension when dealing with the commerce perspective as well as the content perspective.

For instance, how do you choose when to bring the editorial or the product part to the fore? There is a definite challenge in the strategy as well as the main balance between the commerce and the content issue for the eCommerce site that you are launching.

In conclusion, it is necessary to find the right resources as well as technology for the eCommerce site that you are launching or re-launching, to know more you can visit Vision Smash Company.

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