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Internet of Things: The reason for future high tech manufacturing firms

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Guest Author
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The world is witnessing enormous changes over the years due to multiple reasons, and because of these reasons, we can decrease the work burden that we used to undergo in the olden days. One of the major thing which is changing the fast forwarding world is technology. The technology has been multiplying over the years, which results in advancements in each sector.

The Internet is one of the significant things which brought substantial changes in the way we live. The Internet made everything more accessible, cheaper, and available at all times. Internet of Things is one of the significant inventions of technology.

To merely convey what is Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting any device to the internet or any other device with the help of internet. Now automation has been entering each sector to boost with its unimaginable power.

IoT in manufacturing

Things have changed in the manufacturing sector with the Internet of Things (IoT), Elevators are signaling for repairs, robotic tools are making aircraft, trucks are alerting drivers for maintenance and multiple products that are started to customized on the assembly lines according to the customer needs.

We can say these are the incredible innovations in the manufacturing industry with the rapid implementation of IoT in the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing industry is going to witness an estimated investment of $772 billion on IoT for the year 2018 according to the IDC forecast report 2017. And it’s going to reach the 1 trillion mark by the end of 2020.

IoT in Manufacturing

The technology is changing very consistently, and the companies must have to act according to the technological changes to deliver the products and services according to the customer needs and market trends.

The old scenario has changed, now customers can use interactive and smart devices, which results in increasing the customer-centric product development, this means manufacturing organizations have to adopt the technology which will help them in meeting the evolving needs of the customers, with efficient and cost-effective products.

Agile to boost efficiency

Some manufacturing firms have already started producing the equipment and machines to meet the customers new requirements. The well-known machinery and equipment manufacturing firms, also taking a step forward to manufacture the devices, which helps in loss detection, predict future outcomes and prevent fleet breakdown, etc.

Smart Tools

Due to digital disruptions, it would be the best opportunity for the new startups to enter the game, and in the same way, it’s time for big giants to reshape their working models by implementing the IoT based technology in their organizations.

For example, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturing company Airbus has already introduced IoT on its factory floor. The workforce at the Airbus factory uses smart glasses to scan and assess the outer shell force and the types of bolts needed which are around 4,00,000 bolts for a single aircraft.

When the worker starts the robotics, they plunged into it and act fast enough to complete the task, which helps in producing more airplanes in less time without compromising on quality standards.

Now at present era customer has a choice to choose from a wide variety of products, which satisfies their requirements. This kind of changes are pressuring the manufacturing firms to produce the high quality of goods, at a lower cost, and with unique features, to achieve these standards, they have to go for IoT based technology.

Adopting a proactive approach

Integration of IoT technology in elevators helps in detecting the problem earlier than it happens, through this it would be beneficial for the technicians in fixing the issues. IoT helps in minimizing the cost of damage and repairing charges as well.

It is evident that IoT can provide the companies with reliable real-time data, and relevant insights, which helps in heading the firms to new heights. With minimized costs and to meet the inconsistent needs of the customers.

Companies have started by adopting the IoT technology in their organization to bridge the gap between Information Technology(IT) and operational technology (OT).

Following are the benefits of IoT

  • Minimizes the risk by detecting it before it happens
  • Assess, or manage or reduces the project risk
  • Automates the dangerous and repeated works
  • Helps in product improvisation through real-time insights
  • Reshapes the entire supply chain from the procuring raw material to reaching the final user
  • Saves energy

With these facilities and benefits, companies can have full freedom to produce the quality products in an appropriate time.

The future path

However, there are few challenges that manufacturing firms have to overcome to get the results same as other sectors.

Firstly manufacturing firms have to implement the IoT, and it has to be integrated with the Information technology and Operations Technology(OT) until they integrated Information technology and Operation technology, it is complicated to leverage the potential benefits of IoT

The second thing is more important because one has to plan how to make best out of IoT by keeping the safe side of the old investments which are non-IoT based.

The third is to reskill the employees by providing appropriate training, and there should be a team leader to encourage them in a new work environment.

Fourth is to have a full awareness of international markets and the changes that are frequently happening and must be ready to face the global competition.

And fifth is addressing the concern for Cyber Security; it is the most important thing. Because of the interconnected devices to the internet, there are many chances of cyberattacks. Make sure your data would be safe with the high-security system.

Wrapping up

The technology does not stop evolving, and the customer needs are changing according to time and environment.

The future belongs to those who prepare today, so the manufacturing firms have to grow with the growing technology to compete with the rivals in the national and international markets. Deployment of the Internet of Things in an organization will lead to remodeling of traditional manufacturing to a modern one. IoT is going to be the reason for future high tech manufacturing firms. It is quite essential to ensure that your planning for IoT must be stable, secure, useful, and connectable with other devices.


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