Introduction to Legion Leagues in Path of Exile

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What is Path of Exile? 

Path of Exile is an ARPG video game brought to you by Grinding Gear Games. Both single-player and multiplayer options are here for better gaming experience. In the game, you can control the selected character from an isometric viewpoint and navigate the large outdoor areas and caves, or even dungeons to battle against vicious monsters, fulfill the requirements of each quest from Non-player Characters and earn as many PoE currency as possible, as well as equipment.

However, the game borrows some elements from the famous series, Diablo, particularly Diablo II. Taking place in the dark fantasy world, where you start the game waking up on the shores of Wraeclast. It’s a continent that once was a hub of the mighty empire but is now a cursed area, serving as the penal colony for bad guys. 

What is Legion Leagues?

It is a current temporary challenge league released on 7 June 2019. The players, from all over the world, need to find out a Monolith in each zone and after approaching a battle between powerful legions will be uncovered, Frozen in Time. The objective of the players is to damage enemies while they’re in stasis and will free them when the time begins, where they can fight and kill for loot. During the competition, legion enemies drop splinters that cause the creation of an Emblem of their Legion.

However, blending several Emblems in a massive map device will open a portal to the DTC (Domain of Timeless Conflict), where the first battle takes place. While exploring the land, players find several items in the league, including incubators that is capable of turning into valuable items after obtaining a specific amount of kills. After the end of the Legion Leagues, all the characters and stashes will move to Hardcore and Standard Leagues respectively. 

Legion League Mechanics

Set in a large map where each area comprises a Timeless Monolith, and upon interacting with the Monolith, a battle between legions will start with the enemies that are in stasis. You as the main hero must deal enough damage to enemies before the time runs out and enemies break out the stasis. However, once the time ends, all enemies you released will transform into unfrozen form and start attacking, where they can be slaughtered.

Therefore, enemies have special symbols, which highlight what type of loot they can drop for players. The league also introduces chests and war hordes that comprise loot, and also must be broken out of stasis. An encounter will legion will drop Splinters for the faction of the enemy, and more than 100 of these can be missed into an Emblem. During that, you can use to open a portal that leads to the Domain of Timeless Conflict. 

Some prominent items featured in the Legion League are following: 

  • Brutal Restraint
  • Elegant Hubris
  • Glorious Vanity
  • Militant Faith
  • Lethal Pride
  • Sign of the Sin Eater
  • Maw of Conquest
  • Akuna’s Will
  • Wreath of Phrecia

The Legion League introduces up to forty challenges and completing all of them awards players following microtransactions, such as Monolith Crown, Legion Challenger Trophy, Monolith Aura Effect, Monolith Wings, and more. 

Other leagues in Path of Exile are specially designed for some specific events, while this temporary league as its own set of rules, aftermath, and item accessibility. However, these rules hugely different in the league. Let’s take an example, Descent League introduces a map set, new vicious monster sets, and brilliant rewards, but characters are no longer accessible for playing after the league ends.

Another example is Turbo Solo Immolation Leagues are also running on the same maps, but with many challenging monsters, no partying system, eliminating physical damage and introducing fire damage system, and even the comeback of the hardcore league. 

Types of Leagues 

What are the Leagues? 

Leagues represent the game worlds that playable characters exit and a character can only belong to a single league at a time and isn’t able to interact with characters outside the league. Four permanent and many temporary leagues are available. 

There are two types of leagues, such as permanently and Temporary. 

Permanent Leagues

  • Standard
  • Hardcore
  • SSF Standard 
  • SSF Hardcore

Temporary Leagues

Temporary Leagues will appear for a specific time, which can vary from twelve minutes to four months. They usually declared by special modifiers or features that aren’t present in Permanent leagues. However, when a league reaches its end, the characters aren’t lost but moved to one of the permanent leagues. 

  • Legion Leagues (Current Challenge League)
  • Synthesis
  • Betrayal 
  • Delve
  • Incursion 
  • Abyss 

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