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Is pay by mobile becoming popular again in 2020?

Rahul Bhagat
Rahul Bhagat
Rahul Bhagat is a Digital Marketer and strategist with more than 7 years of experience in Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Marketing Automation and more.

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You might not think it, but it is true: paying by mobile has seen a surge in 2020. Could it be because people have spent months inside, buying stuff they probably don’t need? Perhaps. Or could it just be because mobile payments are simply the next step in the evolution of purchasing? It stands to reason that mobile payments would grow, mostly as the technology around us does, too, so despite almost half a year in lockdown, mobile payments have seen a boom of late.

Revolutionising the way we pay 

Paying for things online brought a new era for shoppers. All of a sudden, we could sit behind a computer monitor, order something and have it arrive at our door. And while Amazon and many other online retailers still do that, there’s been a considerable shift towards mobile payments. Paying on a mobile originally started as the equivalent of a web browser, but it’s advanced so much more than traditional online shopping.

The majority of stores have apps so you can download the app, add your details and pay by your phone. And then we had the introduction of Apple and Google Pay to enhance mobile payment functionality further. With the majority of the population having a smartphone, it makes perfect sense that this is the direction we’re headed.

Paying directly on your phone 

When mobile payments were first a thing, lots of people had security concerns. And justifiably so, it’s a big ask to pay on your phones – how secure are they? How reliable? There were lots of questions, but over time, paying on your mobile is now safer than by card. In particular, mobile payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay offer more protection.

After the popularity of swiping cards to pay, the big guns came out with their own mobile wallets. In 2015 we saw the launch of Apple Pay, followed by Google Pay in 2017 and Samsung Pay in 2017, with some banks even having their own apps like Barclays.

It’s easy to use too. Providing a retailer has mobile payments enabled, you open up the app and scan your phone. Secure and straightforward to use, you don’t have to bring your wallet with you anymore. Unless, of course, you need ID, but we’re sure they’ll be an identification app soon, and then you can have everything you need on just one device.

Pay by mobile casino sites 

Paying by your mobile is convenient for lots of things. Using PayPal when purchasing stuff on eBay. And this crosses over to online gaming, too. If you’re a fan of the slots or traditional card games but don’t want the hassle of logging in on a PC and adding funds to your account, then you don’t have to.  If you need it, you can get advice on bestcasinosites.net about pay by mobile casino sites.

All you have to do is link your mobile to your bank account, and then you can deposit funds as and when you need them. Even better, you can also play on your mobile, yet another example of how you can do everything on your phone!

Buy it when you want it, wherever you are

One of the massive perks about paying by mobile is that as long as you’ve got a connection online, you can buy something wherever you are, whenever you want to. Say you’re out on a hike and realise you need new walking boots – pop on to Amazon or Trespass and maybe order a pair. Or perhaps you realised you don’t have time to do that grocery shop so log in to your favourite retailer and get it delivered to your house the next day. It’s a massive convenience.

And it can also be fun! As has been proven multiple times at big UK pub chain Wetherspoons. Already the pub is known for its significantly cheaper drinks and food menu, but people also love being really lazy. So, to be able to use the Wetherspoons App and order food and drink directly to their table – it’s been a godsend. And it’s created the popular ‘Wetherspoons game’ too.

Somebody will post the pub location, and their table number on social media and people can use the app to order food and drink to that table. We’ve heard stories of people sent loads of drinks, in particular one chap that received more than £700 worth of drinks. For him, the ability to pay by mobile brought him a day to remember. Or not.

Paying by mobile is easy and convenient. It can be used for buying almost anything, whether it’s shopping online or using a payment app in a store. With so much potential, what would you buy? Or are you just going to head to Wetherspoons?


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