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5 Things you most likely didn’t know about boosting Twitter followers

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Guest Author
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Twitter is an online community where the number of users continues to grow every day. That is why it is often used by brands and companies to establish their reputation and increase the sales of their offered products and services. Since the number of followers are easily tracked and is often equated to the brand’s popularity, several companies then tend to study social marketing trends specifically on how to increase Twitter followers.

There are businesses that do not know how to multiply their Twitter followers and don’t want to buy Twitter followers either. Thus, a lot has fallen victim to sites and software that offer thousands of fake followers. Fortunately, there are fake followers checkers that can reveal your inactive followers effortlessly. Having thousands of followers that do not really engage with you will only harm your reputation.

So, how can companies, especially the start-ups, legitimately increase Twitter followers?

1.  Offer worth-reading and worth-retweeting contents

Just a friendly reminder— they don’t just mindlessly click that follow button; you have to offer worth-reading and worth-retweeting contents. Do not just post random quotes or wise sayings of deceased people your followers might have already read a dozen times. Instead, you can use this as an opportunity to share more interesting facts about what you offer or other relevant events that your company supports.

In order to produce great content, you have to know your target audience and their interests. As much as possible, try to deliver fresh and originally crafted contents relative to what you promote that would appeal to your audience.

Burger King

A perfect example for this is an ingenious promotion by Burger King in Argentina wherein people get to stack burgers with their preferred ingredients by retweeting pictures of burger ingredients from @BurgerKingArg, and then get them for free. This triumphantly resulted in the various burger combinations which trended nationally.

This type of promotion can corollary boost the count of Twitter followers without being impelled to expend and buy Twitter followers.

2. Set-up automated tweets at the perfect time

Facebook offers chatbots that operate on your behalf in terms of answering Frequently Asked Questions and addressing other users’ concerns. Twitter, on the other hand, has social scheduling software in which you can initially draft your tweets and queue posting on your preferred time and date.

Sprout Social has this kind of function.

This will help draw Twitter users to click that follow button in your account around the clock, as you can devote more time to creating posts that content-rich and just have them in the queue. Through this, you can keep your avid followers posted and increase Twitter followers in no time.

Sprout Social Function

Also, make sure you study when people are most active to determine the perfect times to post. While these figures might vary depending on the audience and time zone, timing tweets can gather about the much-needed exposure.

3. Tweet captivating visuals

Since Twitter has a strict 140-character limit for tweets, adding an image to a tweet immensely expands what you can share beyond such limitation.

Also, tweets with visual content are more likely to receive more likes, shares, and retweets than those without such.

Effect of Retweet

Thus, a lot of brands endeavor to incorporate corresponding images in their posts. It is important, however, to add some watermark or logo bearing one’s own brand for users’ recognition.

Combining beautiful images with a bit of informative text, relative quote, or an engaging question can be an effective way of catching the attention of more audience. This is an approach employed by TripAdvisor on a regular basis. They post questions and share relatable images and quotes to increase engagement.

Infographics are also easily embraced by netizens since these are visual representations of data that are clear, concise, and easy to understand. They cover the information most people are searching for in a nutshell, which we can easily disseminate to more interested users.

Here is an example of an effective Infographic by Post Planner:

Incorporating visual content can help you increase your follower’s count, whether your aim is to inform or entertain your audience (or both).

4. Link Twitter to other social profiles

You wouldn’t need to write in your checkbook to buy Twitter followers; plugging your Twitter page in other social media sites and platforms can do the trick and can significantly multiply subscribers without having to buy Twitter followers.

See how Lootcrate promotes its Twitter account and other social profiles throughout their website and advertising campaigns. There is a lot of social button plugins out there via WordPress if you’re interested in including a link to your other social accounts.

They also provided a link to their Twitter account in their Facebook “About” section:

Twitter About Section

You can include a link to your Twitter account in your Facebook posts or blog contents to maximize these other platforms. You can also create buttons that let people follow you with one click, share your content with their followers, and mention your Twitter @username. It is also important to ascertain that your Twitter @username is included in your posts, like this:

But of course, you have to create a teaser that will lure your other social accounts subscribers into liking your Twitter account. You have to manifest that there are certain striking contents to be found exclusively on your Twitter.

5. Create a seemingly respectable page

This includes choosing:

  • A clean profile picture: Since this is your visual representation in the virtual world, you have to meticulously select the image that will most likely materialize into people’s mind when your username pops up.
  • Relevant tags, industry keywords, and location information: In a nutshell, your profile should be thorough by relaying what you do, your profession, the companies you work with, and where you operate.
  • A glimpse of your personality: Giving followers a sense of who they are following is always a plus.

Ann Hudley’s profile checks all these boxes.


Twitter has been commonplace for marketers where they can easily gather followers. Clicking the follow button is easy when Twitter users found an account or even a single post interesting. However, clicking the unfollow button is just as easy when they no longer find their followed account worth-following anymore. But now that you know these 5 things about boosting Twitter followers, you can now keep the number of your Twitter followers growing.


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