All you need to know about drone racing

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If you are someone who is heavily interested in drones, you have already learned the skills of flying a quadcopter like a pro, and you are looking to make this sport more exciting for you and maybe even somewhat competitive, then drone racing is your thing.

A drone race will test out all your skills, and you can effectively learn more about it. You’ll test your skills in a competitive racing with other players of heightened calibers.

Now, before you get started, you might want to know what exactly drone racing is and how can you take part in racing competitions. In this article, we will discuss in detail, what drone racing exactly is and how can involve in a drone racing competition.

What is Drone Racing?

Drone racing much like any other kind of racing is a competitive sport which involves drone piloting. There are different courses through which a pilot has to guide their drones at high speed and the one that reaches the crossing line first wins the competition.

But first things first, before you start enrolling for a drone racing, you’ll need to buy a quality drone and drone racing kits. You can visit Dronesinsite to learn more about drones to help you select the perfect ones for you.

Depending on the level of competition, the courses can be pretty complex and feature multiple obstacles. So to keep your priced drone equipment safe, you need to be a master piloting skills. You can check out various online sites that provide information on drone racing kits for the optimum performance of your drone.

Some of the best and biggest drone racing competitions include FPV races. This competition requires a drone with a camera. The pilots are given a head-mounted display that shows them a live camera streaming captured by the drone’s camera. This form of competition can be quite challenging as compared to observing the drone from the ground.

Drone Racing League

DRL or Drone Racing League is a media and sports organization that holds global race series in FPV niche. DRL holds many drone racing competitions with the prominent ones being Preseason Gates of Hell and World Championship.

The Preseason Gates of Hell is divided into multiple levels starting from level 1 which features a 3D race course consisting of two rounds the finals and the semifinals. The ones qualifying the finals move on to level 2 which is a little more difficult than level 1 and requires much better-piloting skills than level 1. This level is followed by three more levels of increasing difficulties.

The World Championship is like the mother of all other FPV racing competitions. It is the most difficult drone racing competition and all highly skilled individuals with outstanding piloting skills competing against each other.

You cannot directly enter the DRL racing competition. There are many smaller events that you can take part in initially until you develop the skill to take part in DRL racing. FPV racing generally requires a very high reaction time and great piloting capabilities to fly the drone at high speed.

If you are serious with this exciting sport, then you can enroll yourself in a drone racing class and then join a good team and enter competitions to earn. Though the process is quite lengthy it is surely rewarding.

Rules, Regulations, and Scoring in Drone Racing

The DRL has its own unique system of for awarding points and evaluating the performance of the pilots.

If a pilot visits the entire course and passes through at least two checkpoints, then they are awarded 50points, and for every second below the two-minute time-cap, they are rewarded with an additional 10 points.

Also, every race comprises of some heats, and the total number of points are calculated over these number of heats. The completion is highly complex and intense and thus attracts the best of drone pilots from around the globe.

Final Words

Drone racing is a very apt sport that needs a lot of experience and skill. Hopefully, this article provides you with all the necessary information regarding drone racing.

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