What you need to know about remote desktop management for your team

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Remote desktop management has been used for years now by IT professionals to be able to remotely log into computers to troubleshoot software and technical problems. But these days working remotely has moved from being strictly an IT tool to a way for anyone to work out of the office.

Many businesses are encouraging and enabling their employees to work from home, or anywhere else they choose. While some companies are still cautious and concerned about letting their employees work out of the office, others are jumping on board and recognizing the benefits of allowing their team to work from home.

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How Does Remote Desktop Work?

One of the biggest technological advantages of using remote desktop management it’s a client application that uses desktop sharing software. This software gives your employees the remote control ability to access their computers from any device that is internet connected even when they’re not in the office. Access is given to all software on the computer as well as to files that are stored on the hard drive.

For remote desktop to work, both the remote device and the host computer need to download and install the same type of desktop sharing application. This application consists of two unique programs – the desktop client that runs on the main host computer and a separate program on the remote computer that lets employees view the files and content on the host machine.

The host computer needs to be turned on and able to access the internet while running the desktop sharing software. Each time the software runs on the host computer a new session ID is initiated. When working remotely, your team will need to enter this session ID on the remote computer, gaining access to their computer in the office.

What to Look For in Desktop Management

There’s no lack of remote desktop management software available, as evidenced by the many online reviews from reliable business and tech resources. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing remote desktop management for your business.

Free vs. Subscription

Although there are free software versions for remote desktop management, you’ll want to purchase a commercial license subscription for multiple users. Paying for remote desktop not only provides your business with more licenses, it also includes remote access tools that aren’t available with free versions.

High Level of Security

One of the biggest concerns that companies have about using remote desktop for their employees is data security. Is data that is transferred between a host and remote computers going to be unprotected and at risk? Look for remote access management that has its own security features, such as restricting access to unauthorized users.

Another security feature to look for is the ability for your IT support team to review server logs to check and monitor employee remote access for any unusual activity across the shared connection. IT should also be able to regularly test the remote access for any vulnerabilities.

Key Features of Remote Desktop

When choosing remote desktop management software for your business, there are some key features you should be looking for. These essential features will give your team the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently:

  • Easy file transfer between the host and remote computer
  • Easy to use UI
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Instant messaging capability
  • Video conferencing capability

Benefits of Working Remotely From Home

The results of a study by Flexjobs indicate that “65% of workers think they would be more productive at home than working in a traditional office environment”. More and more businesses are realizing the benefits, when possible, of having their employees work from home.

Increased Productivity

Employees that work remotely show an increase in their productivity. They have fewer distractions and can make better use of company time during their workday.

Avoiding the Commute

Far too many workers add time to their work day by commuting for up to an hour each way. Not having to spend this time commuting can have a positive and healthy impact on their personal life, which can, in turn, improve their productivity and well-being.

Improve Employee Morale

Employees who work remotely often have much more job satisfaction when they don’t have to work each day from the office. This job satisfaction can benefit companies as their workers perform better.

Economically Smart

Many employees take a sick day when they have personal problems or family issues. Being able to work remotely can reduce the number of time employees take off work for these reasons.

Boost Mental Health

Working from home can improve employee mental health. Many employees take time off work when they’re feeling stressed. Remote access allows them to work in an environment where they’re often more comfortable than they are in the office.

Working Remotely Part Time

Many businesses either aren’t ready to have their employees work from home full time or the job is such that it requires employees to be in the office some of the time. A good option for these companies is hybrid remote access. Employees work remotely from home on some days of the week and other days work in the office so they can interact with their employer face to face or perform parts of their job that can’t be completed at home.

With its many benefits to both businesses and their employees, working remotely is here to stay. Software companies will no doubt continue to enhance and improve remote desktop management to meet the rising demand for this trending work strategy.

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