7 Landing Page Tips Marketers Should Try to Create Effective Design for Website

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A landing page in digital marketing is a standalone webpage that has been created with the specific purpose of marketing or advertising a campaign. This is basically where a visitor lands when they click on a Google Ad or similar search. Landing pages have a single focus known as a CTA or call to action. A landing page is important to the online presence of a company. So, designing an effective landing page is important to your business or site. Below are several tips that will help you create an effective design for your site.

Discreet and Concise Content

When someone clicks on your page you have about eight seconds to convince them that your service or product is worth the offer being made. This means that excessive information can be overwhelming and cause them to leave, losing a potential customer for you. To create a useful landing page, you must highlight your unique value. This consists of five basic elements:

  • Heading – Use the heading to tell visitors exactly what they can expect from your page
  • Subheading – This further explains the offer and gives your unique value
  • Call to Action – Offer clickable and attention-grabbing buttons to encourage requests, purchases, sign-ups, or whatever you need from the page.
  • Benefits – Offer a clear, convincing, concise list of your unique benefits, bullet points are simple and clear
  • Lead Generation – Keep any forms short and request only basic, essential information

Keep It Simple

A landing page needs to be simple, attractive, and with a minimalist perspective. Avoid getting people sidetracked with redundant information and give just enough to draw them into the page. Make sure as you design you check the layout on several types of mobile devices so the heading and subheading appear without scrolling, even on phones. Agencies that specialize in landing page design such as SEO Melbourne can assist in creating a clean, simple, and high-converting page.

Imagery is Important

Photos and other forms of imagery can engage visitors with your specific offer. Visual prompts can convey information to visitors without writing many words. Provide high-quality shots and images showing your service and products. This will likely require a professional photographer. This is also true of the use of videos that give a demonstration or 360 views of your product.


Being perceived as a trustworthy company is the key to success. When creating a landing page, you should make sure to include trust marks such as press mentions and testimonials. This will let potential customers know that your business can be trusted to provide what you are claiming to provide.

Perform A/B Testing

Though having a landing page is necessary, having one that works is the most important. You can determine if your page is working by performing A/B testing using Google Analytics or the HotJar tool. If something is not working then you know change is necessary.

Mobile First

Half of all web activity comes from mobile users. This means your landing page needs to look good and meet the provided criteria on a mobile phone. Make sure this is taken into consideration in designing your landing page.

Encourage Sharing

Adding buttons to share your information on different forms of social media means customers and potential customers are sharing for you. This is a modern form of word of mouth during a campaign. Use the buttons that your audience is most likely to use to avoid cluttering.

A landing page is of high importance to a business’s online presence. Creating and designing a page that will draw in customers and clients is as simple as making the right choices. Use the provided tips to create a landing page to increase growth for your business.

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