Making of YouTube intro videos: 7 key things to keep in mind

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With thousands of people uploading over 300 hours of video on YouTube every minute, standing out of the crowd can be a herculean task. How do you create videos that people would love? Do you need genius-level video editing or cinematic skills or a punchy storyline to hook them as they land on your videos? For many people, a YouTube Intro Videomaker can make all the difference. And there are many of these tools that deliver premium video intros for free. 

So how do you make YouTube Intro videos using free tools? Learn more about this topic and more below.

What Is a YouTube Intro Video?

A YouTube Intro video is exactly what you think it is. 

It is a short clip that plays at the beginning of your videos showing viewers information relating to your brand, its offers, and what you aim to achieve with your YouTube channel. 

The intro video helps to deliver a good first impression when visitors land on your channel or video, creating an instant connection that will encourage them to come for more. It is just as important as a relevant and good YouTube thumbnail.

It’s akin to introducing yourself at an industry event. You want to portray yourself as a professional who creates value and solves problems. 

If you can hold the viewers’ attention with your intro video, you have a better chance of showing them your products and services. 

In the cutthroat environment of YouTube marketing, this may be your saving grace if you hope to make headway with your marketing strategy. 

Importance of a YouTube Intro Video

From the introduction, we already established the importance of YouTube Intro Videos. 

But it’s crucial to reiterate the benefits of using premium-grade videos to usher in new and old visitors if you want to outwit the competition. 

Here is why you should give serious thought to your YouTube Intro videos. 

Brand Recognition

Almost everybody has heard of the YouTuber Pewdiedie but barely anyone knows his name. 

The guy is adept at promoting his brand and one of the core strategies he used was powerful intro videos viewers can’t resist. 

Regardless of what you do, a strong brand recognition not only gives you leverage but allows you to charge premium rates for your services. 

YouTube intro videos are highly effective tools for impressing your brand image and offers on viewers, increasing your ability to convert them into paying clients. 

And this is because it allows you to give the visitor value upfront and set expectations, creating a yearning for more. 

Professional Image

YouTube is all about image laundering. 

Whether you are the focus of your videos or promoting other people’s services, YouTube allows you to project a professional image. 

With YouTube intro video makers, you can include your business card, logo, awards, and every other thing to boost your professional standing in that short introductory clip. 

When done right, a YouTube intro video can give you more leverage and position you as a subject matter specialist. 

Increased Conversion

Do you want to increase conversion on your YouTube ads? Try using professional-grade intro videos. 

People go for offers that appear credible but you have to do a good job of convincing them in the first few seconds they land on your video. 

By increasing engagement from the go, you can scale your ads and rake in more money through increased conversions.

Some Key YouTube Marketing Statistics

YouTube is the largest search engine after Google with over 3 billion visitors per month. 

With visual content increasingly becoming the main medium of disseminating information, YouTube is a fertile ground for savvy marketers and promises huge ROI. 

If you are not yet convinced about the marketing potential of the largest video-sharing platform in the world, check out these figures. 

  • Google and comScore carried out a survey to measure user engagement and other parameters on YouTube recently. Their findings show that YouTube is the preferred platform for 48 percent of people who use video content on the internet. This is a vital statistic for marketers who use video marketing.
  • You can boost brand recognition by up to 23 percent using YouTube according to information from Google.
  • Google also revealed that 8 out of 10 people aged 18 to 49 get their video content from YouTube every month. If your market falls within these demographics, YouTube is a low hanging fruit with the potential for high returns on ads investments. 

Whatever you do, you need to pay attention to video and YouTube to boost your video marketing results. 

How to Make a YouTube Intro Video

The steps involved in the making of a YouTube intro video usually depend on the video tool you are using. However, most intro makers follow these steps:

  • Title: You start each intro video by creating a new project with a title. Many of these tools allow you to storyboard your video.
  • Choose Templates: After title creation, choose video templates or create your own from scratch. This is simple as most tools have easy-to-use interfaces with drag-and-drop features. 
  • Add Text: Next, include the text for the intro. Here, you may also add your logos, audio files, and other branding materials to customize your YouTube intro video. 
  • Select a Theme: After adding media, select a theme or pre-designed layout for the intro. Some tools allow you to add a soundtrack at this stage to give users a melodic experience when they watch your videos. 
  • Publish and Share: Once you have added all your materials, it’s time to publish and share your video to your followers. 

10 Best Free YouTube Intro Makers

Creating a memorable YouTube intro is easy with the right tool. Here are the 10 best free YouTube intro makers you should know. 

  • IntroMaker
  • Flipress
  • Filmora9
  • RenderForest
  • Biteable
  • Panzoid
  • Blender
  • LightMV

7 Key Things to Consider When Making YouTube Intro Videos

How do you make an intro video that sticks? Because you have a limited amount of time to make an impression, it’s vital to consider the following when making YouTube intro videos.


Keep your intros short and sweet. According to experts, the sweet spot for winning video intros is 3-7 seconds although some can be as long as 30 seconds. The most important thing is to get the message across in record time. Don’t waste time and avoid rushing it. 

Be Direct

There is no time for playing around on intro videos. Go straight to the point and be concise. 

Customize It

There is so much content on YouTube for generic videos to have a chance at surviving. To boost your odds of landing viewers, brand your intro videos with logos, awards, products and services, and anything that can help you stand out. 

Use Quality Visuals

You want to use premium images and videos in your intros. This will create a level of professionalism and portray your brand as one that takes its business seriously.

Powerful Introduction

You might have limited time, but make sure your introduction resonates with the viewer. That’s the only way to keep them on your page.

Set Expectations

The main function of your intro videos is to set an expectation in the minds of visitors. Make sure you give them something to look forward to. 

Memorable Closing

End your intro video on a memorable note. Your closing should be powerful enough that the messaging lingers in the mind of viewers.


What is your favorite YouTube intro maker? There are several to choose from and most of them are free and user-friendly. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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