With the ever-changing world of MMORPG. We list 9 Best Anime of 2019

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The world of MMORPG is ever-changing and sifting through all the games of this type might be a waste of time for you. To help meet your needs in this respect, the following list has been compiled with the best games of 2019 that had the greatest content drops and updates. 

In 2019, Anime MMORPG was one of the interesting topics for gamers that were introduced as a better version of MMO. What were the best anime MMORPG games for 2019? 

Here are 9 of the best anime MMORPG games that dominated the charts, and the senses of the gamers.

Dungeon fighter online

First on the Anime MMORPG list is Dungeon Fighter Online is a video game designed and published by Neople. The design of DFO is a 2D screen type of game where players will traverse while fighting hordes of monsters. 

It has made much progress in this industry and grossed millions of dollars and comes recommended because of its simplicity with sophistication.

Pokemon revolution online

Developed by Genius Sonority, the Pokemon Battle Revolution has also worked its way to the top of the list in best MMORPG for 2019. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company published this game and is primarily played using a Wii. 

There are different venues and levels that can be enjoyed in the game and they all have great visual effects. It was initially released on June 25, 2007, in North America and has ever since grown and became one of the leading MMORPG.

MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 also makes it on the list of the best Anime MMORPG for 2019. It runs on Microsoft Windows-powered desktops and was developed by NSquare and published by Nexon. 

The second part of MapleStory takes from the original but applies its features in a 3D voxel-based environment. In that way, the majority of the mobs, locations, NPCs also feature in the sequel of MapleStory. 

It was released on October 10, 2018, officially and has been rocking the screens of global gamers.

Aura Kingdom

The best Anime MMORPG for the 2019 list wouldn’t be complete without the Aura Kingdom which was finally received in 2014. The game didn’t quickly fade away but it has been the best up until now and has made it into the list of Anime MMORPG

It is designed by X-Legend and was published by Aeria Games with characters such as Ravagers, Gunslingers, Bards, Wizards, Ronins, etc. The peculiarity of this game is that players can have pets and companions.

Eden Eternal Vendetta

Eden Eternal Vendetta is developed by X-legends and also published by Aeria Games. It runs on Windows machines and has been praised for its visuals, game systems, gameplay, and its innovative guild system. 

The characters available are five races which are Zumis, Halfkins, Ursun, Anurans, and Humans. Eden Eternal shouldn’t be confused with Eternal Eden as it is not one and the same thing.

Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior is an MMORPG game developed by IMC games with many locations that are interesting and challenging. Roles that can be played are wizards, clerics, swordsman, scouts, and archers. 

There are many different ranks to each role and upgrading to the top of the food-chain is prime for survival. Tree of Savior has many interesting soundtracks composed of a wide range of music composers such as Symphonix, SoundTeMP, Gaudium, etc.

Tales of Wind

Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes the series of games titles “Tales Of”. One that rocked 2019 is Tales of Wind which is an MMORPG game and shares much of the features of the other releases. 

Apart from the core activities of the game, Tales of Wind includes side conversations between characters that can be comedic or dramatic at times. The Tales Of series runs on a wide range of devices including mobile devices also.

Closers MMORPG

Closers MMORPG was developed Naddic Games and NK Studio and published by various publishers depending on the country. The gameplay is quite simple as it is centered around effectively using skills to fulfill missions. 

There is a diverse character range that players can choose from and they are fighters, rangers, lancers, hunters and more. All the characters are divided into two teams, namely the UNION’s Lambs and Vulture’s Wolfdog.

Twin Saga                                          

Aeria Games published Twin Saga as an MMORPG that is based on acquiring more skills by changing them and your class at any time when on a quest. Things can also get pretty interesting in the Terracottage because you can revel with your friends there. 

As the website says, immerse yourself into this living, vibrant and breathing anime world. Twin Saga was one of the best MMORPG games in 2019 and was also one of the most played.

Final thoughts

MMORPG is an excellent form of gaming that online gamers enjoy, especially those who like anime. The diverse list of games that were mentioned above gives gamers a choice of what they can choose to play. 

Although this type of gaming is an acquired taste, the industry has made valuable profits from it. It is also being enjoyed globally by a worldwide family of gamers which has cranked up its user and follower statistics. 

Some of these games are simple 2D screen type games and some have amazing 3D effects that make the gameplay come more to life.

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