The Movie Buff’s Guide to the Best Asian Flicks

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Asian flicks are incredibly popular worldwide. High-quality films are in demand, and viewers are intrigued by the fascinating stories of the Orient. The universal appeal of Asian films naturally resonates with film buffs, thanks to great stories and exceptional productions.

Minari (2020)

This Korean drama film by Lee Isaac Chung stars Steven Yeun, Yeri Han, Will Patton and Youn Yuh-Jung. Minari is an autobiographical story set in 1980s Arkansas about the Ah-Kim family’s struggle to make ends meet while running a farm business. The movie focuses on the changing relationship between father Jacob (Steven Yeun) who has high hopes for their new life, mother Monica (Yeri Han), their kids Anne and David (Noel Cho and Alan S Kim). 

Image Credit: A24 Films

It also features Paul Young from church who helps out with the farm work, and Soonja from South Korea whom Jacob hires as a babysitter for his kids after his wife becomes too preoccupied with her job at a chicken factory. During their first winter season working on the farm, many difficulties arise which threaten to destroy everything they have built up until that point. 

They must find ways to survive through it all by staying strong together as a family no matter what happens along the way. Minari was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture—the first Korean language film ever to receive such recognition—and won one Oscar for Best Supporting Actress given to Yuh-Jung Youn who played Soonja in this heartwarming tale of immigration & survival against all odds. 

Whether you’ve seen it or not yet this is definitely one worth watching especially if you enjoy tearjerkers. Good news, you can catch plenty of top-rated Asian flicks on the Chinese drama app Viki. Hot titles like Super Rich, Crazy New Year’s Eve, Rich Man, Poor Woman, Sh**ting Stars, Young Lady and Gentleman and many more. 

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) 

American romantic comedy based on Kevin Kwan’s novel of the same name directed by Jon M Chu starring Constance Wu & Henry Golding among others. The film follows Rachel Chu, an economics professor at New York University, whose boyfriend Nick Young invites her to attend his best friend Colin Khoo’s wedding in Singapore. Upon arrival she realizes that Nick isn’t just rich but he comes from one of Singapore’s wealthiest families. She then has to deal with jealous socialites, overbearing mothers–in–law, eccentric relatives, & sabotaging exes while vying for Nick’s affections against his childhood sweetheart & socialite girlfriend Amanda Ling. 

Full of lavish weddings & parties set against stunning backdrops throughout Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, China & Hong Kong this movie bursts at its seams with luxury! It also features cameos from some real life billionaires like Jamie Chua, Guy Tang, Wynn Lim to name just a few examples. A pure delight from start till finish! One not be missed by anyone looking for something lighthearted yet sophisticatedly tasteful.

If you haven’t seen it do so ASAP! A sequel titled China Rich Girlfriend is currently being filmed slated for release later in 2022 possibly followed by another installation Rich People Problems which concludes Kwan’s trilogy of novels centering around three super rich Chinese families: The Shangs, The Youngs, and The Tzes. 

Better Days (2020) 

Chinese coming-of-age drama directed by Derek Tsang and co-written by Heiward Mak about a young high school girl who finds herself caught up in a love triangle with two boys. Chen Nian is a 17 year old student who is struggling to cope with the pressure of upcoming exams as well as bullying from her classmates due to her poor academic performance. Her only friends are Xiao Bei, a popular boy at school who secretly likes her, and Zhang Donglai, a transfer student whom she develops feelings for. 

better days
Image Credit: IMDB

Things take a turn for the worse when Chen Nian gets caught up in an exam cheating scandal and becomes the target of even more bullying both online and offline. When Xiao Bei tries to stand up for her, he ends up getting beaten up badly and hospitalized which leads Chen Nian down a dark path leading to tragedy… This powerful film addresses important issues such as teen suicide, cyberbullying, academic pressure etc., making it relatable and eye-opening especially for those going through similar struggles growing up. Don’t miss out on this must watch film!

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