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Moving to Your Favorite Vacation Destination: the How-to Manual

Rahul Bhagat
Rahul Bhagat
Rahul Bhagat is a Digital Marketer and strategist with more than 7 years of experience in Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Marketing Automation and more.

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If the departure terminal of your go-to vacation destination forces you to leave behind a piece of your heart, relocating to this frequented tourist spot may be your long-awaited cure to your post-vacation blues. With a surging number of employees working remotely, moving to a favorite vacation destination is easier than it ever has been. Though an international or cross-country move is brimming with challenges, doing it the right way can simplify the otherwise complicated process.

Consider moving costs

The farther you decide to move, the more costly the process is. From professional movers to truck rental fees to packing tape costs, the list of moving expenses can stretch miles long, leaving relocating families no other choice but to empty their pockets.

Luckily, giving your moving expenses list a much-needed trim is as simple as brushing up on simple tips and tricks. Start by booking your moving company ahead of time to avoid last-minute price hikes. Additionally, channel your inner scavenger by searching high and low for discounted or free-of-cost moving supplies, such as boxes supplied by grocery stores or local businesses. For maximum savings, opt for trash bags instead of wardrobe boxes, pack your belongings yourself, and avoid peak moving dates like the high price tag plague.

Finally, if you have to move your vehicles overseas or over several state lines, you can save money by investing in reliable auto transport services. By handing your keys over to auto shipping professionals, you can steer clear of costly wear and tear, such as debris-induced dents or corrosion caused by heavy rainfall. Not to mention, these car shipping pros will lighten your load of relocation woes by sparing you the hassle of embarking on a multi-day road trip. 

Think about your daily activities in a new place

When visiting your favorite vacation destination, you have free reign to soak in the weather, tourist attractions, and all the amenities. Consider how your focus changes when you move there permanently.

You’ll have to go grocery shopping, find doctors and dentists, go to work, and take your kids to school. There’s no knowing if you’ll love this scenic background the same way when life’s ups and downs take center stage. That said, before uprooting your life and setting up your home base abroad, sip on a healthy dose of reality before imagining days spent sipping daiquiris.

Investigate the schools and opportunities for children

If you have children, they’ll need to attend school. Before you commit to a big move, investigate the schools and opportunities for your children. Not every community offers youth activities like sports, music lessons, or art opportunities. Does the community have a library? Parks? Quality child care services? 

If no is the answer to these questions, be sure to rethink your relocation. 

Know about the local quirks

When you are on vacation, you don’t notice the little things homeowners do to make their homes comfortable. For example, if you visit a ski town in the winter, you might not see all residents shoveling their driveways. Or, if you vacation in a perpetually warm locale, you don’t see homeowners working hard to keep annoying insects and pests out of their homes

Don’t let the illusion of 24/7 relaxation fool you. Wherever you live, routine maintenance will be non-negotiable. If you move to these tourist destinations without researching day-to-day life, you might be unpleasantly surprised when snow piles up at the base of your driveway or when palmetto bugs first invade your trash cans.

What is the cost of living

Vacation destinations are often idyllic spots with lovely scenery, friendly people, and delicious restaurants. When you visit a favorite vacation spot for a week or two, you’re often deprived of the big-picture view of the cost of living. Before you decide to move, look closely at the cost of living at your favorite vacation spot. 

Wrap up

Moving to your favorite vacation destination might sound like the perfect plan, but you should investigate several factors before signing on the dotted line like any move. 

Vacation destinations are often lovely places to visit, but they aren’t always the most idyllic places to live. Consider the cost of living, the quality of the schools, and the work you must do to maintain a safe and comfortable home before you make a significant life decision. 


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