The new Fitbit Inspire HR was Released in Australia

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The Fitbit Inspire HR was recently launched in Australia and has been a huge success. The launch comes after the company announced that it has returned to profitability. This device is, in essence, a celebration of good fortune for Fitbit.

The firm’s CEO James Park indicated that their revenue was directly tied to the customer. As such, this new device is designed to appeal to the customer’s intrinsic desires in a fitness tracker.

As a matter of fact, the Inspire HR is being provided according to a Business to Business (B2B) model. Corporations in Australia are buying Fitbit Inspire HR units and giving them to their employees as part of a health and fitness movement.

This device is the most affordable tracker from Fitbit this year and encompasses some innovative technology.

Fitbit Inspire HR Features

Here are some of the technical features of this new device:

Activity Tracking

The new Fitbit Inspire HR can track your steps and the distance covered in any given amount of time. It can also track the active minutes in your day and the calories that you’ve burned during a fitness session.

It can also track your sleep and through some built-in controllers, you can set bedtime reminders and silent alarms.

The Fitbit Inspire HR can also remind you to move around. Every hour, it pings a reminder that encourages you to stretch your legs by taking 250 steps.

Calorie Counter

The Inspire HR allows you to measure the number of calories you have burned throughout the day. Simply record your meals in the device and compare the calories you have consumed with those that you have burned. It will then inform you of your fitness progress.

Workout Detection

The Fitbit Inspire HR has a special app known as SmartTrack which automatically records fitness activities for you. It can recognize and records swimming, running, walking and biking activities. It then saves the progress for you, so you are able to see which fitness activities are the most effective for you.

Milestone App

You can set your fitness goals through virtual milestones in the Inspire HR. The device then automatically celebrates these goals with you as soon as your milestones are achieved.

Waterproof Design

You can swim, dive and shower whilst wearing the Fitbit Inspire HR. Best of all, it can automatically track the length of time and distance that you have swum. This makes it a fitness tracker for all seasons.

Battery Life

The Fitbit Inspire HR has a battery life of up to 5 days on a single charge. In real-life usage, it delivers about 4 days, which is similar to the Fitbit Versa, but quite a lot less than the Charge 3, which blows them out of the water with up to 7 days of battery life. Interestingly, these fitness trackers all have different proprietary chargers.

Stopwatch and Timer

This device is designed to make your life more convenient with its timer and stopwatch. You can use the timer to remind yourself when to eat some healthy meals and the stopwatch to track your gym workouts.

Maximum Connectivity

You can synchronize the Fitbit Inspire HR with your smartphone. It connects through Bluetooth and delivers a wealth of alerts. You can receive updates from your social media apps, ride-sharing apps and even the news right from the device. With this functionality, it keeps you connected.

This new fitness tracker can connect to more than 200 different Android, iOS and Windows 10 smart devices. It does so through a handy, user-friendly application. Thanks to this connectivity, you can view and save your progress on your smartphone.


The Fitbit Inspire HR delivers notifications directly on the screen. It can provide call data, text alerts, and calendar notifications directly on your wrist so you can stay on schedule and in touch with your loved ones throughout the day.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Inspire HR has an inbuilt heart rate monitor that can provide you with 24/7 monitoring. It allows you to understand different heart rate zones, see advanced sleep stages and better track the number of calories you burn. You can also track your resting heart rate during the daytime and at night during sleep.

How does it compare to other devices?


The Fitbit Inspire HR is a more affordable device than the Fitbit Versa, costing just AU$179.95 versus AU$299.95 for the Versa. It is also less expensive than Charge 3 which costs AU$229.95. While they are all budget fitness trackers, the new Inspire HR is the most affordable.


Inspire HR – Fitbit chose a flat, thin band design for the Inspire HR. It has a black and white LED screen which presents information in fairly small text.

It is light and can be fitted with leather or metal bands and can serve as a functional jewelry item too. You can also get custom Fitbit Inspire HR Bands from various third-party outlets.

The Inspire HR is a touch sensitive device and allows you to swipe to access extra features such as clock faces, timers, stopwatches, fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and updates.

Versa – The Versa has more of a smartwatch design, which from a distance somewhat resembles the Apple Watch 4. It has an LCD screen which is large, bright and colored.

The Versa is also touched sensitive. You can swipe to gain access to its applications and download them from the Fitbit Store, boosting the functionality and convenience of the device.

Charge 3 – Charge 3 is the lightest and most minimalistic of them all and like the Inspire HR, also has a band design. It has all the apps and features you want in a fitness tracker. As a matter of fact, it is often described as a “does-it-all” device.

Which models does it replace?

The Fitbit Inspire HR is designed to replace the Alta HR and is arguably a more stylish looking device. Also, unlike the Alta HR, it is waterproof to a 50m depth.

It is a step down from the more expensive Versa and Versa Lite devices. Whilst the Versa may have a bigger screen, the Inspire HR provides more tracking per dollar than the Versa.

The Inspire HR is a step up from its brother, the original Inspire, which doesn’t have heart rate tracking functionality (HR). It is also a step up from its close cousin the Fitbit Ace 2 which is designed for kids.


Australian fitness enthusiasts can now track their activities more accurately and conveniently with the Fitbit Inspire HR.

This new device was released to a positive reception and will likely continue to be a very popular device as it is a budget tracker with premium features.

Whether you are into jogging, biking, swimming or weight lifting, the Inspire HR is the device to get.

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