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4 Must know things while making the first step in office automation

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The efficiency of your office depends on the overall organization, yet, the importance of technology shouldn’t be underestimated either. Just imagine the difference between a high-end printer and the one that jams every hour or so.

The halt in the operation, the office noise, and the line forming in front of it. On the other hand, getting high-performing office appliances is just the tip of the iceberg of all you can do to introduce some innovation to the place. We’re of course hinting at the office automation and the full array of benefits that come with it. Here are several things you need to know about making the first few steps on this path towards progress.

Controlling your office spending

The first thing you’ll be able to do by switching to an automated office is run a more frugal operation. For instance, you can set the exact temperature at the office, which can turn out to be a massive boost to comfort both in winter and in summer.

A single degree up or down can have a great impact depending on the size of the office. You can also install a smart lighting system (both indoor and outdoor), or even opt for a customizable multi-color LED lighting. Either way, you get to save money in ways you never before believed were possible and add a completely new dimension to your office lighting system.

Better security


Another thing that automation provides you with is much better office security. We’re talking about the control of garage doors, access doors, motion sensors and security cameras that are all intertwined into one massive safety system.

This is not only great when it comes to physical protection, but when it comes to record-keeping as well. Keep in mind that this could be of massive help in your struggle to keep the office free of employee theft and fraud. This is not only a solution to a current problem but the prevention of a disaster further down the road. If not spotted in time, they might keep making a deficit for years to come.

Remote control

The next thing you should bear in mind is the fact that there are different degrees of office automation, some of which give you full remote control of the office, regardless of your location.

This can allow for a completely new degree of management. Imagine being able to control CCTV and security cameras around the office, alarm systems, and even the intercom at your office while on a vacation. Most importantly, you would also be able to monitor the consumption of energy, which would allow you to get a tighter grip on the spending around the office. All of this and more is what you get with the Clipsal C-Bus commercial automation.

Saving time

If there’s one thing that you can see from all that’s listed above, it’s the fact that it’ll save you time. Thanks to remotely controlled garage doors, your suppliers can deliver goods faster.

An automated heating system allows you not to worry about delegating this task to anyone in particular, which gives people the freedom to focus on their main tasks. The same goes for other mundane tasks like watering plants, which can be done by smart planters. In other words, this improves virtually every single aspect of your business. In order to see the full benefit of this, you need to start looking at time as a finite resource.

With the emerging trends like big data and the internet of things (IoT) the benefits of automating your office will become even greater. For instance, you’ll probably never have to do inventory again, seeing as how you’ll always be able to tell exactly just how many items there are in stock.

Furthermore, you’ll have all sorts of alerts that will warn you when it’s time to refill your stock or change something around the office. Still, these trends are something you might see in the nearest future, while those four listed above are already available and in use.


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