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One Piece 1081: Garp Fights Blackbeard Pirates’ Tenth Captain Kuzan

Jay Kakade
Jay Kakade
Jay Kakade is Founder and Editor at Gamer Stones. Over 2 years of freelancing, his works have been published in Collider, Sportskeeda, TheMobileIndian, AppTrigger, Tech Genyz, GosuGamers, BlogofLegends, Dire Dota, and Show Snob. Given his profound interest in science and emerging tech, he is a close associate of Tech Explorist and Inceptive Mind.

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One Piece Chapter 1081, illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, was recently released showing thrilling action scenes and a perfect highlight for Kuzan joining the Blackbeard Pirates.

Parallelly, the chapter depicts the defeat of Law by Blackbeard and the power of Monkey D. Garp who will be going toe-on-toe against Aokiji. The fight between Aokiji and Garp is the most anticipated as One Piece has never aired this Legendary Hero on the battlefield. At the start of the battle, viewers will be able to enjoy the might of Garp, witness his Haki for the first time, and anticipate the further upcoming.

Kuzan makes an appearance to confront Garp

The last chapter of One Piece ended up featuring Garp’s storm on Pirate Island. And in the latest chapter, the violence went ahead, with Garp successfully rescuing Koby and Kuzan showing up to confront Garp.

As Garp is among the most powerful characters in One Piece, who even fought Gol D. Roger and Xebec, Oda needed a strong opponent to resist Garp. With Aokiji being said that Blackbeard is currently not on the island, Kuzan makes a great opponent for Monkey D. Garp.

This chapter reveals that Kuzan was the pupil and number one protege of Garp. As soon as Garp sees Kuzan resisting him, he asks Kuzan to change his side and get back in uniform again. However, Aokiji slams Garp by saying, “I have decided to live life on my own terms.”

The battle starts with Aokiji using Ice Ball power on Garp and trying to freeze him. But Garp escapes from the frozen ice.

Kuzans Story

After the great Marineford War, Aokiji clashed with Akainu. The fight between the two fleet admirals was for the position of Admiral, which ended up with Aokiji leaving the Navy.

Now, on an island, Kuzan has frozen Blackbeard pirates, where he meets Marshal D. Teach. Teach asks Kuzan to unfreeze his men and pumps him to join his crew. Furthermore, it looks like they both got along a bit and chatted over interesting topics, including Poneglyphs and Kuzan’s fight with Akainu.

One Piece: Teach Clash with Law

Chapter 1081 of One Piece continued the long-awaited fight between Trafalgar Law and Marshal D. Teach. As most communities have speculated, Teach is one of the Emperors of the Sea, so it won’t be easy for Law to clash. The same is shown when Law loses the fight, along with his devil fruit powers.

The Polar Tang, Heart Pirates Submarine, is shown fully destroyed and drowning in water. The rest of the crew of Heart Pirates is certainly not showing, but Bepo undergoes a terrifying transformation.

The Blackbeard Pirates suspect the transformation as a Sulong, however, the transformation is due to the drug being entrusted to Bepo by Chopper. Despite Chopper saying ‘The drug might not work’, Bepo was able to use the powers.

With this transformation, Bepo successfully manages to thrive back Blackbeard and his crew and grab Law and escape into the sea.


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