9 Guaranteed Tips to Increase Mobile Ecommerce Conversions Rates

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Are you having difficulties in getting higher conversion rates from your mobile users? Mobile users are one of the trends that keep on evolving and one of the most important users that you should give high regard to your eCommerce site.

In research, mobile devices and the like are letting people watch content and connect with other people. In fact, according to statistica around 52% of worldwide online traffic is coming from mobile phones. Also, a lot of consumers are spending at least five hours a day in front of their smartphones.

With this, mobile devices have a higher usage rate than desktops, and it is continuously growing. This is an opportunity you cannot slip on because of the enormous potential that mobile users can give to your site. Continue reading, and we will provide you with different tips and practices you can implement in your mobile eCommerce site to get higher conversion rates.

1. Focusing on Mobile Website Optimization

Make sure that your overall mobile website is excellent in all aspects of your users. This includes everything that will give your visitors the best user experience, such as fast loading speeds, mobile-friendly, responsive design, and the like. I have used and tested the best mobile website optimization from SEMrush which you should definitely opt-out.

The thing you should focus on is your page loading speed. A lot of statistics are showing that a significant number of online consumers leave a certain site whenever it is not loading for at least 3 seconds. It is a worldwide problem among websites, and it is an opening for you to ensure that your page loading speed is quick enough to sustain your customers. From there, you can get a lot of benefits for your site such as lower bounce rates, higher traffic, and more conversions.

2. Developing Your Mobile Site Design

Your mobile site design should be responsive enough to various mobile devices. You need that good first impression of your site from your visitors.

The best first impression should be the eye-catching design of your site, but at the same time, it offers excellent functionality of the design. Responsive designs are perfect for this since not all mobile devices have a standard screen size, unlike laptops. Responsive designs adjust accordingly to the user’s mobile screen size. All other elements will not be scattered after resizing. These kinds of designs can build trust and credibility in your brand image.

3. Simplifying Navigation

Improving your navigation can undoubtedly impact your mobile conversion rates. Mobile devices are handheld, which gives a relatively smaller screen size than computers and tablets. It will be better if you simplify the whole navigation of your site so that your customers can skim your site with minimal effort only. You can arrange pages and group them into categories to allow a systematic way of browsing for your users.

Not only the pages should be improved, but also the placing of different elements in your sites. Photos and images should be displayed clearly along with the description and pricing of your product.

4. Offering a Seamless Mobile User Experience

The best user experience should be handed out by your site for an easy purchasing process and a seamless journey throughout your site.

Besides giving simplified navigation and enabling fast loading speed in your site, you can also provide the best user experience by ensuring the readability of your site. Most mobile phones are made to be compact and handy, so their screen size is designed smaller. You need to ensure that your text is legible enough to avoid difficulty reading different texts on your site. Aside from this, font styles and colors should be picked based on what can offer the easiest readability in your site.

5. Putting Strong Tactile Cues

Giving your consumers an interactive take on your website can increase your site’s conversion rate. For instance, when your consumers added an item to their shopping carts, you can acknowledge them that the item is successfully added by popping a visual cue on the site. Another example is by putting indicators in forms to notify your users that they are giving the right and valid values needed in the forms.

Tactical cues are very effective when used in the right way. If you have a slow page loading speed, your tactile cues can be a liability on your side.

6. Removing Autoplay Videos and Pop-ups

Pop-ups are a big no for mobile users; it just annoys a huge number of consumers using their smartphones. They always open a new tab for it and avoids users to get the best experience they deserve on your site. Also, auto-playing videos and animations can get the same reaction from your consumers. These elements will highly increase your bounce rate, thus, it will give you lower mobile conversions. The only thing you can do about this is by removing it from your site.

7. Protecting your Site using a Mobile Security

Mobile eCommerce is still sketchy for many consumers because of the potential hacking, information theft, and viruses that may affect their overall experience in mobile shopping.

For instance, credit card details and personal information still gives doubts to many users if they will give those or not to complete a purchase. To ensure the safety of your consumers, never forget implementing mobile security in your site. Make sure that your site is available on HTTPS and let your consumers know that you have security certificates to ensure their overall safety.

Besides mobile security, you can also use social and past customer reviews to give them an idea of how secure your purchasing process is.

8. Allowing the Use of Digital Wallets

Another technology that you should adopt in your site is digital wallets. Most consumers have no other ways to pay for the items in their shopping cart but by digital wallets only. Some have their debit and credit cards; however, most are hesitant to give out their personal information for checking out.

Digital wallets are extremely secure because of the multiple numbers of encryptions done to each wallet. You can start integrating it by allowing Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and other digital wallets as a payment mode for your checkout process. It can easily give you a higher mobile conversion rate after allowing it in your eCommerce site.

9. Creating a Smooth Checkout Experience

Most consumers are prone to abandon their shopping carts because of inconvenient processes for checkout and hidden fees. Most people are annoyed when the checkout process is long and complicated, also when the site requires you to create an account on their website before proceeding to checkout. All of these can lead to the abandonment of shopping carts.

You can make the experience smoother by ensuring that the checkout process is as simple as possible. Ask only for details you need, not flooding them with different forms. Also, give them as early as possible. Lastly, payment modes should be diverse. Make it very simple that can lead to fast checkouts.


Excellent user experiences always solve a low mobile conversion rate problem. You always need to give your consumers the best experience as possible to grab their attention and complete the process of purchasing in your eCommerce site.

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