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New Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack DLC Announced- Here’s All You Need to Know!

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
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Planet Zoo is back with a new DLC that will take players to the lush rainforests of Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. The Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack DLC will be available for purchase on Steam from April 4th, and will bring with it a variety of new features, including new animals, scenery items, and a new campaign scenario. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new DLC!

What’s New in Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack DLC?

New Animals

The Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack introduces five new animals to the game, all of which are commonly found in tropical rainforests around the world. Players can now adopt and care for the Fossa, Lar Gibbon, Red River Hog, Asian Water Monitor, and Brown-throated Sloth exhibit animal. From the loud calls of the Lar Gibbon to the slow, unhurried movement of the Brown-throated Sloth, each of these animals is sure to add a new dimension to your zoo.

New Scenery Items

Alongside the new animals, the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack also brings over 200 new scenery items to the game. These items are all inspired by traditional Southeast Asian architecture and feature stunning tiered temples, Tongkonan-inspired villages, and detailed multi-part animal statues.

Players can also expect to find a range of new props, such as tables, benches, parasols, and drapery. The scenery items also include exotic new Southeast Asian plant life, such as the Rafflesia, Attenborough’s Pitcher Plant, and Basket Fern. These beautiful pieces and props can be used to build a fresh new tropical paradise or added to an existing zoo to give it a new look and feel.

New Career Scenario: Help Tiffany turn her newly acquired zoo around

The new campaign scenario in the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack is set in Bali, Indonesia, and follows the story of Tiffany, a rich socialite who has just been gifted a tropical zoo by her father. Players take on the role of Tiffany’s zookeeper, helping her turn the struggling zoo around.

However, things take a turn when a mysterious character from the past makes an unexpected appearance. The campaign scenario challenges players to adopt and manage a variety of animals, generate positive reviews, and keep the zoo running smoothly.

Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack Release Date And Price

The Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack DLC is set to be released on April 4th and will be available for purchase for £7.99/ $9.99/ 9.99€ on Steam. However, players must own the base game of Planet Zoo to enjoy the new DLC.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack DLC promises to be an exciting addition to the already impressive Planet Zoo game. With new animals, scenery, and a new campaign scenario, players can look forward to a more immersive and engaging experience.


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