Play Smart: 7 Game upgrades worth the time and money

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The PlayStation 4 has been a massive success. Over 100 million consoles have been sold internationally. 

Although it feels like some of the latest technology, Sony released the PS4 all the way back in 2013. Video Game developers from different companies are always finding ways to improve games and innovate.  

Are you ready to keep up with the times and take your gaming up a notch? Read ahead for our complete guide to game upgrades that are worth the time and money. 

Get Good 

What kind of gamer are you? 

Do you like to play first-person shooters on Xbox? Maybe you’re more into designing your home and making friends in Animal Crossing. Or are you all about hardcore PC strategy games? 

Or maybe you’re just a noob and there is nothing wrong with that. Either way, if you want the best virtual experience, we highly recommend looking into these upgrades. 

Top seven gaming upgrades to consider 

It can be difficult to navigate the wide world of video games. Even gamers with experience can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities.  

Don’t settle for the minimum. There are several ways to improve your setup, ranging from game server upgrades to add-ons to hardware.  

1. New hardware 

Are you still gaming on an old laptop from 1998 that heats up and makes crazy sounds after using it for twenty minutes? 

old gaming laptop
Credit: @kerber | Unsplash

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, an upgrade simply takes the form of replacing what you have. No amount of tweaking and accessories are going to turn that old thing into a proper gaming computer. 

At some point, it’s like putting Lamborghini spoilers and 22-inch chrome rims on a broken-down, old car.  

PC or Console? 

The hardest question (or the easiest, depending on who you ask) is figuring out what kind of gamer you want to be.  

PC gamers tout the unbeatable potential desktop computers have for processing and graphics. The downside is that high-quality setups can end up costing a lot of money. But it is easier to upgrade games online. 

Consoles are simpler and cheaper. In the end, you don’t have to choose one. What’s important is that you are wary of your budget and you have fun. 

2. Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality games represent the next frontier in gaming. 

They have actually been around in one form or another for the last several decades. However, we’ve made so many advances with what we are capable of doing. 

virtual reality
Credit: @luxinteractionv | Unsplash

Lose yourself in a virtual universe. A virtual reality headset is one upgrade that will bring your gaming not to another level, but to another dimension. 

3. External hard drive 

One problem that often plagues gamers is a lack of space for games and other programs. 

Some of the lastest and most popular games are absolutely massive. If you’re serious about your gaming collection, it won’t take long for you to run out of storage space. 

With video games becoming more digitalized, it pays to have a little extra space. External hard drives are cheaper than ever. It is a necessary upgrade for any serious gamer. 

4. Graphics Card 

They say that love goes in through the eyes. This one is particularly important for PC gamers since consoles generally have built-in graphics cards that can’t be upgraded. 

graphics card
Credit: @christianw | Unsplash

What you see is what you get. However, this is a vital part of the process when it comes to building gaming PCs. This is what determines the visual quality of the image that appears on the display (your monitor). 

5. Game Server Upgrades 

Online gaming is a big part of our lives. It gives us a chance to match wits and skills with people all over the world. 

Many games have absolutely massive online worlds. In order for things to run smoothly, large servers have to be working optimally. Otherwise, you get things like lag, dropped servers, and a lot of angry gamers. 

Installing game server upgrades has many benefits. Like a cloud, you will have essentially unlimited storage space and your online experience will be much smoother. 

6. Comfort and Ergonomics 

Who said playing video games can’t be a little dangerous? Neck problems, back pain, and other neuromuscular problems can occur if you spend too much time in an awkward posture. 

gaming chair
Credit: @elladon | Unsplash

Sometimes, the best video game upgrades don’t have anything to do with hardware at all, per se. You have to take into consideration your comfort (and safety in the long term). 

Gaming chairs don’t only look cool. They are extremely comfortable and allow you to be in a more natural position. You should pay attention to what your body is telling you because these can lead to arthritis in the long run. 

7. Other accessories 

If you’ve dealt with all of the above issues, your gaming experience is going to be pretty solid. But it could still be better with gaming upgrades. 

You are going to want, at least, a solid headset. Other options include a gaming keyboard for quick chats (and witty trash talking). 

Streaming your gameplay is more popular than ever. Have you ever made an amazing play or had an awesome round but didn’t have anyone to witness? A recorder will automatically record your greatest plays and give you the option to easily share them with friends through an online gaming server. 

Up to date with game upgrades 

Technology rules the world we live in. Video games often represent the latest in innovation, albeit for fun. 

But if you don’t stay up to date with game upgrades, it can be easy to get left behind in the dust. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get good, but at least you won’t be able to blame your equipment. 

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