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Pokemon Unite Update: Patch Notes Show Changes in Battle Items, Pokemons, and More

Amar Roy
Amar Roy
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Pokemon Unite Patch:  After an 8-hour downtime, the patch maintenance is now live in Pokemon Unite. The latest battle pass, which includes exciting new features as well as extra bonuses, is included in the new version Season 4 is also included, as well as a new battle pass featuring intriguing skins.

The Pokebuki battle pass is now available, with typical things such as Ninja style: Charizard Holowear obtainable to gamers who purchase a premium pass. Blastoise earned a Premium Holowear as part of the awards, which included a Pokebuki avatar. Certain Pokemon, Battle items, Held Items, and other aspects have been buffed and nerfed in the Pokemon Unite patch update.

Pokemon Unite major update patch notes

During the maintenance period, the patch notes were available in the game. It included bug patches, store updates, text changes, event updates, and battle pass upgrades in great detail. This update will be a significant adjustment in Pokemon and will help to maintain the game’s balance.

Changes to Greedent in Pokemon Unite update

“Has the user run with all its strength, dealing damage to opponent Pokémon it hits and tossing them” was changed to “Has the user run with all its might, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon it hits and throwing them.” For a short period of time, the user becomes resistant to impediments.

The user drops Berries from their body when running. When a user eats a dropped Berry, their movement speed is temporarily boosted. The user’s movement speed increases as the number of Berries consumed increases. In addition, when the user is running, Tackle, Belch, or Bullet Seed can be utilized. The cooldown of Tackle or Belch will be reset if you use this move.”

Changes to Blissey in Pokemon Unite update

Soft-Boiled: Changed to “Throws an egg to an enemy Pokémon, recovering both its and the user’s HP.” A max of two uses can be saved for this move. If the gamer additionally learns Egg Bomb, the maximum number of uses that could be saved climbs to four. In such case, this move and Egg Bomb share the same reserve pool of uses.”

Egg Bomb: “Hurls an egg at the designated position” has been changed to “Hurls an egg at the designated location.” The egg then explodes, inflicting damage and throwing opposing Pokémon in the area of effect. For this move, a maximum of two uses can be kept in reserve. The maximum number of uses that can be maintained in reserve increases to five if the user also learns Soft-Boiled. In that case, this move and Soft-Boiled both have a reserve pool of uses.”

Changes to Trevenant in Pokemon Unite update

Branch Poke: Changed to “Has the user jab in the selected direction, dealing damage to opponent Pokémon and slowing their movement speed for a brief period of time when it hits.” Simultaneously, the user’s HP begins to gradually recover for a brief period of time.” Branch Poke power and impacts on enemy Pokémon have been boosted or enhanced.

Changes to Held Items in Pokemon Unite update

The game’s two favorite Held Items were just axed. Score Shields are no more impregnable, and Buddy Barrier shields are no anymore overpowered. 

Buddy Barrier

Passive HP: 200/400/600 -> 150/300/450
Shield: 20%/30%/40% MaxHP -> 15%/20%/25% MaxHP

Score Shield

The shield now consumes all other shields before it. The size of your shield is now proportional to your level.

Cooldown: 6s -> 20s

We detailed the significant changes in the newest patch in the article above. The whole patch notes are available in the game.


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