Top 11 tactics that work to promote your YouTube videos like a pro

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The transition from listening to music on walkmans to creating everlasting playlists on YouTube has been seamless. Today, streaming content videos on YouTube has become so convenient that its popularity amongst both the GenZ and the millennials is no longer surprising.

The frenzy to become the next best YouTuber has caught the entire world in a whirlwind storm. While every content creator grails for the number of likes, subscriptions, or views to skyrocket overnight, quick success is seldom that simple. 

The key to becoming a worldwide sensation is not just dedication, patience and hard work but also lies in following a structured and disciplined approach to achieve the impossible.

The art behind having a massive YouTube family doesn’t halt at creating quality content for the followers. The reality behind successful YouTube video engagement depends upon three undeniable gospel truths; Mad Marketing, Non-stop Networking, and Persistent Promoting. Some services sell YouTube views, but this isn’t a good tactic. Jonathon Spire tried NemoViews and was less than impressed.

What is the use of producing a product, if there is no market? Similarly, your video without an audience is rendered meaningless. Thus, being a successful video creator doesn’t end at investing your time and efforts in creating quality content. It is equally essential for you to generate a vast market for your product to reach its target audience.  

For everyone out there who dreams of becoming as famous as their favourite YouTuber, the time has come for you to ask yourself, “if they can do it, why can’t you?”  

In this blog, you will find tips and simple features that can be utilized to get you optimum results. Remember, every piece of art has a designated buyer; one should know how to sell.

1. The title of your video 

It is important to understand what people are looking at. Your title should capture the words which are most likely to be used by the viewers. The key aspect to nail the video title lies in SEO practices. It should be short, to the point, and eyeball grabbing. Try using keywords that capture emotions or emulate top searching words. 

2. Video tags, the 500-word space 

The importance of tagging is often undervalued. In the 500-word space, you must describe your video using the right tags. Tag your main keywords, and add variations of it. Using tags from high-ranking videos to increase the video reach can work in your favor. Also, do use tags which are most commonly used as it features your video in related video searches.  

3. Video collaboration with famous YouTubers 

If you are a budding YouTuber, In a quest to increase your views and subscribers, seeking out collaborations with famous YouTubers can come in handy. The established artists boast of an existing fan base which can increase your video subscriptions as well.  

4. Use a customized thumbnail  

Using attention-grabbing custom thumbnails will attract viewers to click on the video link. Do not clickbait by uploading misleading content. It should not mislead the viewers as it often results in loss of subscribers amounting to negative publicity. And, please avoid copying thumbnails which might lead to copyright infringement.  

5. Make use of the right editing tool 

Curating videos that are appealing to the eye is what actually sells. The right video maker tool can change the entire outlook of your video by making it interesting and pleasing to the eye. InVideo is a video editing site that enables a wide variety of promo video templates, suitable for various content topics. The site offers free editing tools, and templates and gives a promising boost to budding YouTubers. 

6. The importance of a catchy intro and outro 

Every successful story begins with an engaging start and a kickass end, hence, it is vital to have a winning intro and outro. While an intro is a 3-5 sec clip which marks the beginning of your video, an outro gives the conclusive finish to your content. It provides links to your previous videos.

This is the part where you request the audience for likes and subscriptions. Give the ultimate touch to your video with InVideo’s best youtube movie maker. With its unique line of templates, keep your audience hooked till the last second.   

7. Social media coverage  

Having multiple social media handles helps you market your content on various channels. Having a community outside YouTube garners extended viewership from other famous social media sites. Thus, the pro tip is to share your content regularly on every channel for maximum video engagement. 

8. Interacting videos with contests  

Engaging your audience by providing them with lucrative incentives always works as a bonus. Keeping quizzes like, “know your YouTuber”, giveaways and contests are a fun way to lure new followers and to keep your family growing.  

9. Avoid changing genre 

Mastering a particular genre takes time. Subscribers like your content because they find the genre relatable. A sudden change of style can leave the viewers confused, and might lead to a substantial loss of viewership.  

10. Say no to complacency  

Most of the budding YouTubers become complacent and stop evolving. It is crucial to research, learn, and grow by trying something out of the box. This would make the viewers keep coming back to your channel. Utilize YouTube’s changing atmosphere and be up to date with the industry’s tips and tricks.  

11. YouTube community  

Several new viewers might not be your subscribers, and many of them might not have social media presence either. Uploading your content on YouTube’s community will notify such viewers to know about your current upload. Your community can like or share your video, increasing your video engagement by multiple folds. Avoid purchasing YouTube subscribers, unless they are genuine ones. Most sites that sell subscribers are scams.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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