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Promoting your next Tech Event: How do you do it?

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Tech events are different from other types of events. They require more effort and oftentimes even more money since the target audience can be quite tough to attract. You can have a great new product with awesome specs that you have worked on for months or even years but if no one shows up at your event where you’ll be talking about it, you’ll fail. That’s why you need to learn how to properly promote your tech event so that your hard work and time spent on the project don’t go waste.

Social media

Social Media Planning

Social media has to be involved when you’re planning a tech event. All tech-savvy folks use social media and rely on it heavily for their news. That’s why you have to create the event there and promote it heavily on your business’s page. Aim at the most popular media and networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Invest in your social media promotion strategy way before the event and create hype. That way people will remember your event and they will make sure to check it out once the time comes.

Video content

Tech-savvy people are usually always busy and glued to their smart devices. If you plan on inviting some more prominent individuals, you should bear in mind that they probably get a lot of invites every week. So, you have to look for new ways to attract their attention. It’s all about that pre-event excitement. Hire someone to create good video content for you. Audiovisual content is awesome and impactful, it encourages direct engagement. That’s what you need for creating that buzz around your event. It’s way easier to spread your message that way than to send out emails with brochures or something like that.

Video Content

How many times did you stumble upon an interesting ad on Instagram, for example, while you were going through your followers’ stories? Surely you clicked on a few of those adds? That’s what you should do with your video content. Make it interesting and know where to put it.

Tech blogs

Tech Content

Market your tech event on tech blogs. Send out your press release to technology blogs and let them do half of the job for you. For example, besides issuing a press release and spreading it out, you could also write an exciting article and link some of the content to your upcoming event. There are tons of websites out there where you can submit your content for free. Once you get your article published, share it on all social media platforms. The more people talk about your event, the better.



If you are a representative of a tech company, it is very likely that you guys have a newsletter. It doesn’t matter whether it is a monthly or weekly newsletter, it only matters that you have one. Newsletters are cost-effective ways to promote whatever you’re doing. Of course, that includes your events, too. People who subscribe to your newsletter are the ones who are already interested in what you have to offer and say. Always link your event page and use nice visuals that will catch your audience’s eye. Remember, when you have an event coming, the key information you want to convey is that event and the invitation. The content of the newsletter has to be good in order for this to succeed. There’s no other way around it.

Partners and sponsors

Sponser Content

You should promote your event among your partners and sponsors. The whole industry has to know about it. Tap into your network of other businesses and do the promotion. Partners with whom you have strong relationships, that’s who you want to call. Call them well before the event and create hype. Always try to make an offer that will both benefit them and you. For example, you could add their logo to your promotional materials in exchange for their help in spreading the word. That way you have another company working on the same cause as you. And that is your cause.



Techies love podcasts. That’s a fact. Podcasting is huge nowadays and millions of people listen to them on a daily basis. There are apps for podcasts and you can even listen to them on your phone while you’re on the go. So, make sure that someone, or you, mention your event during a podcast. For example, if your company deals with mobile phones, you should do some research and find out what podcasts are best suited for your line of work. When you find a podcast where people often talk about new gadgets, do everything to get yourself featured. Spread the word in someone else’s podcast or do your own podcasting.


Tech events require more effort. So try out these popular marketing tools, SEMrush or Anyleads for making your tasks easier.

It’s as simple as that. It’s all about that pre-event buzz. You have to make them think about you, make them excited and keep them interested until the event. You’ll see how they’ll always be coming back for more.


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