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PUBG Update 24.1 is Now Live For PC

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The live servers of Update 24.1 are turned on for PC, bringing some odd exciting features into the gameplay. A few days before, the official blog from PUBG jotted down all the features you would see in the particular track. Howbeit, still the server is yet to go live on the console, which has been scheduled to turn itself on from 21 June.

It goes till 22 June to attain all the time zones. Two significant changes were on the way until it hit the island today for PC users. They are bringing tactical gear in a spruced-up deck. At the same time, the Vikendi map is updated with some spectacular confect.

Even some more delicious food is yet to be served. PUBG Battlegrounds PC gamers are already acting as a drawing card to be on the ground and coax the foe from the draft. Tactical gear is one of the necessary tools that turns into a new purpose.

The new update can be only applied to the following modes:

  • Normal Matches
  • Intense Battle Royale mode
  • Custom Matches

Players can be equipped with Tactical Gear propping up their Inventory at the start of the match, where its weight is set to 0. You can open the Carries to pick up your Tactical Gear from the following options:

  • EMT Gear
  • Med Kit usage time: 3 seconds >>> 7 seconds
  • First Aid Kit usage time: 3 seconds >>> 5 seconds
  • Revival Speed of Teammates: 3 seconds >>> 8 seconds
  • Tactical Pack
  • Attachment slots: 4 slots >>> 2 slots
  • Spotter Scope
  • Magnification capabilities adjustable from 4x to 8x
  • Drone
  • Maximum Range: 300m >>> 200m
  • Blue Chip Detector
  • Screen Update Frequency: 5 seconds >>> 8 seconds
  • Enemy Scan Radius: 100m >>> 50m
  • Players who are equipped with a Jammer Pack are undetectable with the Blue Chip Detector

Vikendi Map

We could see that Terrain has been upgraded for some significant areas while leaving a few regions abandoned. Maybe, this could be one reason for inadequate commitments or where players couldn’t find a place to hide.


The initiative Blue Zone ruleset similar to Ranked’s for Normal Matches introduced back in Update #23.1 has been applied to Vikendi, effectively reducing the overall playtime

Item Spawn

  • The spawn rates of high-value weapons and items have been scaled down

Lab Camp

  • The probability of finding lucky Supply Drops (holding Care Package weapons) has been boosted
  • Critical Response Kits will now exclusively appear in Lab Camps, with an increased spawn rate


  • The quantity and quality of items discoverable in caves’ Supply Drops have been downgraded

Secret Room

  • Acquisition of the Self-AED is now restricted to Secret Rooms, except for the rare chance of looting it as a world-spawn item
  • Vehicle spawn spots have been amplified, and existing spawn locations have been appropriately adjusted

Blizzard Zone

  • The duration of the Blizzard Zone has been increased by approximately 70%
  • The number of snowstorms appearing in a Blizzard Zone has increased
  • The distance between snowstorms has decreased
  • The phases when Blizzard Zones occur during a match have been adjusted

Comeback BR

  • Map
  • We have improved the player’s vulnerability by relocating existing objects to the back
  • Item spawn spots have been added near player spawn locations for an optimized start
  • Made containers more accessible by repositioning some containers and adding wooden pallets

Combat time

  • Reduced combat time from 160 seconds to 100 seconds
  • The Play Area restriction time has been adjusted to accommodate the reduced combat time
  • The multi drops will descend earlier
  • To prevent the decreasing survival rate as the number of participants increases during the later phases of Comeback BR, each size of the final Play Area for each step has been adjusted
  • The UI notifications for Comeback BR have improves


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