Real Estate: How to Be Successful With Different Rental Properties

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There are many different types of properties to choose from if you’ve decided that you want to invest in real estate. However, it can be difficult to determine which type of property is the best investment for you. The main thing to remember is that when it comes to being successful in real estate, location matters more than anything else. So if you’ve got the right location for your property, you’re already halfway down the road to success!

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate includes properties that are used for business purposes. This category includes a broad range of buildings:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Office buildings

When it comes to finding the best location for your commercial property, look to cities where there’s a lot of economic growth and activity. Some of the fastest-growing cities in America include Buckeye City, Arizona; Frisco, Texas; and Apex, North Carolina. Worldwide, some of the fastest-growing cities include Delhi, India; Shanghai, China, and Lagos, Nigeria. Fast-growing cities mean fast-growing economies, and this means that that location is good for business.

Commercial properties tend to be the most expensive of all of the different types of properties, but they also tend to generate the most income. This is because commercial

properties like office buildings and shopping malls have more tenants for you to collect rent from. These tenants are also business professionals that are more likely to pay their rent consistently and on time.

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial properties are factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and the like. Sometimes these are categorized as commercial real estate because they are places of business, but they are still a very distinct category of real estate. Industrial real estate is also in high demand in the U.S., so it’s best to buy a vacant piece of land and develop an industrial property on it. This may cost you more upfront, but industrial buildings typically have longer rental periods, which means that tenants can sign a lease as long as 25 years.

The best location for industrial property is going to be the opposite of that for a commercial property. For a successful commercial property, you’ll want it to be located within a large city or town, but you’ll want an industrial property to be located on the outskirts of town— specifically along a major interstate highway.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate is probably the most popular type of real estate. In fact, it’s so popular that three properties were sold for cryptocurrencies in the Philippines. Many first-time real estate investors choose to invest in some type of residential property over other types of properties. Residential properties include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Two-family homes (duplexes)
  • Four-family homes (quadruplexes)
  • Other multi-family homes (apartment complexes, townhomes, condominiums, etc.)

Investing in a residential rental property is a good way to earn a second stream of income. Once you’ve chosen a good property, you can rent it to a tenant (or tenants) and earn passive income every month. The key to finding a prime location for residential real estate is similar to that of commercial real estate: look for thriving economies. Some of the most thriving economies, such as Austin, Dallas, and other major cities in Texas have properties that come with a higher price tag, but fortunately, there are ways to finance a residential property in Texas and other prime locations.

Vacation Rental Properties

Vacation rentals are residential properties that are rented to tenants on a short-term basis, typically no more than six months at a time by the same tenant. Vacation rentals come in all forms: beach houses, villas, cabins, bungalows, and many more types of homes. Finding a prime location for a vacation rental is probably the easiest of all the types of properties: just look towards popular vacation destinations! However, some of the top vacation destinations have strict short-term rental laws, so keep that in mind if you’re going to invest in a vacation rental.

Before investing in any type of real estate, you should always do your research and be sure that real estate is the right type of investment for you. Consult with a real estate agent and seasoned investors as well. Thoroughly research each type of property and weigh out your pros and cons when it comes to investing in each type. Like with any type of investment, you shouldn’t rush into a decision and remember to be patient with your investment.

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