Real-Time Customer Feedback and Its Role in Building a Brand

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There was a time when customers and businesses used to choose their vendors depending on the cost alone. Indeed, even quality as a factor is certainly not a primary measuring yardstick compared to the client experience.

Surprised? There are numerous business competitors these days, so the primary way to show your separation is by offering a solid customer experience through customer experience software.

Client experience is a conventional team since it incorporates all the typical client goes over, counting their most memorable association with you until they make the payment to turn into your client. No, it doesn’t stop with that. The sort of experience that you give your clients after they have become one is additionally of paramount significance.

How can you say whether your business is treating your customers fairly? This is where getting direct customer feedback becomes an important part of your personality.

Imagine being given real-time information from your clients as they use your product. Another reason to test customer feedback right away is that there is a good chance that customers will forget the experience of using your product after a while.

This is where real-time customer feedback really makes all the difference. According to Gartner research, feedback collected at customer touch points is 40% more accurate than feedback collected 24 hours later. Imagine that!

Also, have you realized that by asking for direct customer feedback, you are creating an environment that makes the customer experience better and more productive within you.

If you can take the customer’s complaint with you and close the feedback loop by addressing the customer’s problem, you are gold! You will have a client for life when he sees that you care about him and will not think about your business competitor unless he can promise the moon to deliver the same in Amavasya (no moon day).

When to Ask Your Customers for Real-Time Feedback?

Time is something that affects us, humans many times in life. You don’t ask a potential client if they’d be willing to pass the wire on your initial discovery call, where the goal is usually to see if you’re both a good fit for each other.

You don’t ask for a woman’s hand for marriage on your first date. Similarly, you don’t ask if you have Saturday off in your first interview.

So, when should you ask your customers for feedback in real-time? Thankfully, people expect a client feedback survey when they pursue a product.

Real-time feedback must be asked from customers at the point when they are utilizing your product. You can ask your clients for their feedback at every client interaction touchpoint.

As a business, you really want to delineate a strategy to figure out every one of the regions where a client interacts with you; it could either be an email newsletter, contact page, CX call, and so on. 

You need to record the questions that can be posed at every one of these crossroads without putting them off. But remember that there are a ton of things you could gain from your client at specific touchpoints.  

The data you get from collecting real-time customer feedback, collected through a feedback app, which is integrated with customer feedback software, will not only help you change your customer experience instantly, but you can even use this data to find trends while collecting all the feedback and roll out drastic improvements to your business processes.

Respect Your Customers’ Time

While it could look enticing to ask a lot of questions that you might not necessarily want, you must avoid asking questions that will not add any value to both of you.  

You must respect your clients’ time by asking just the most pressing questions you need. Obviously, you really want to fragment your clients. However, you can do this by sticking to the important questions themselves.

Keep Minimum Questions

Another aspect respondents don’t like in a customer survey is having to answer too many questions. And therefore, it is better to stick to just 3-5 questions.

You should not forget that you are expecting your clients should answer to a lot of questions after they have experienced a touchpoint; only a couple of questions would get the job done.

Close the Feedback Loop

You must remember that you are not by any means the only choice for your clients, as there are many businesses. It is a privilege that customers choose you; therefore, it’s your duty to give them the best they deserve. What should you do then?

You must make a prompt move in view of the feedback that you get from the customers. If the issue isn’t settled immediately, ensure to get in touch with consumers, get all the data, and yet again work on solving the issue.

On the off chance that you can close the feedback loop for every one of the complaints that you get, you can lessen customer churn, increase the lifetime value of the clients and get more references.

Create CTA’s for Every Customer Response  

It is clearly understood that there will be a ton of respondents in view of how long you have been in the market. However, leaving any customer unsatisfied is not the best.

For every response you get, ensure there is a call to action for every one of them in light of the specific reaction. Regardless of whether a positive remark has been left, ensure that you request that they post a positive remark on a survey site where your potential clients gather.

7 Advantages of Real-Time Customer Feedback   

Instead of guessing your clients’ opinion of your product and how they are utilizing it, you can straightforwardly inquire your customers for feedback that will give you profound bits of knowledge in their minds.

There was a time when there weren’t good online survey tools or, say, customer feedback tools for doing surveys that could be sent to a customer immediately, it used to require a ton of days to get solid information from the clients, and during this period, you could securely accept that your clients would have left you.

It Helps Increase Employee Engagement  

Worker commitment is the foundation of the progress of any company. So, it is important to keep employee engagement high when it comes to feedback.

There’s real-time data behind the power of real-time feedback. According to Gallup data, it shows that when workers get significant feedback somewhat recently, they are very nearly multiple times bound to be engaged.

Writing Instant Feedback is Faster Than Performance Reviews

One of the most common complaints about annual execution surveys is that they require some time. A normal manager spends as long as 210 hours out of each year finishing performance reviews.

Compare those long periods of essay writing and the 5 minutes of writing a couple of sentences of feedback. When people take a few minutes to write real-time feedback, they make it more straightforward for themselves come review time.

Those little snapshots of feedback can be utilized to sort out reviews quickly and save process hours. Consider the 5 minutes it takes to provide instant feedback as a time saver for the next survey process.

Feedback Makes Review Experience Better

One aspect of the review process that is often overlooked by HR teams is the audit experience. But it’s basically a way to empower people for performance management. In this process, the HR team strives to carry out a review process that causes individuals to feel supported. It is one more step to helping employees reach their full potential.

Feedback Helps Make a Culture of Recognition

Employees need to be perceived for their endeavors. Showing appreciation for a job well done goes a long way. According to a survey, 83% of employees found early recognition more rewarding than cash rewards or bonuses.

Additionally, many HR professionals are currently tracking down that focusing on working on a worker’s strengths, as opposed to their weaknesses, boosts motivation.


To make increasingly more ‘advertisers’ in the organization, you really want to gather normal client feedback, and that too in real-time to create a deep impact. When you find loyal customers, they will be very happy to stay with you and even will recommend your business’s products and services to their friends and family.

While getting real-time is crucial to your business, it is important that you don’t forget to close the feedback loop since following up on taking care of the issues looked at by customers must be your priority.

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