Reasons to choose HubSpot CMS over WordPress

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Are you thinking of launching or relaunch your website with several strengths and less complexity?

One of the biggest questions that most organizations consider while developing or designing their website is which platform to choose for successfully and quickly building a website.

By reading this article, you can choose the best over the other. Taking a quick tour, you will get an overview of both the platforms and all the different factors which you may see while developing your website in Hubspot vs WordPress.

Are you already into the world of development? If yes, you might be familiar with the term CMS; If not, then let me familiarize you with its general definition.  

A content management system is basically software that will help you to manage, build, and update your website effectively. If you are using the best CMS, then you can achieve most of your web goals and better success in your business. So, it is essential for you to put some extra effort while picking a leading CMS tool.

Now, let’s come to the main point which will help you to reach the best decision. Take a rundown at the top common reasons which will definitely help you in choosing the appropriate software HubSpot CMS; for website development, designing, and management.

Top 7 Reasons to choose Hubspot CMS for 2019

Reason-1 Website Analytics

As we all know that the primary objective of most organizations is to access and evaluate their website performance and track their visitors to increase their traffic.

Thinking from the perspective of a marketer, it is essential to increase your website traffic. By using HubSpot CMS, you can build HubSpot analytic software and start tracking your website performance without using any additional software or tool.

WordPress does not provide this facility by default. To achieve such goals while using WordPress, you have to add extra plugins such as Moster Analytics.

So, why switch for another additional software when HubSpot is already providing inbuilt services of analytics?  

Reason-2 Provides Integrations and Generates More Leads

Now, let’s start with WordPress first.

15 years ago, WordPress was used as blogging software, but now, 30% of the websites are powered by WordPress. Once you Sign Up successfully, you can create and manage the content instantly and develop the site quickly.

On the other side, Hubspot CMS is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service management tool which incorporates the features of WordPress and provides additional benefits too. With the help of this platform, you can convert your visitors into leads and potential customers and build an attractive website in less time.

Therefore, by using this tool, you can develop a website in order to generate more traffic and growth in business revenue.

Reason-3 Visualize Website Data

Most of organizations want to access their website data for manual backups and transfer current CRM to another. Both HubSpot and WordPress provide access to visualize your website data.

By using HubSpot, customers can export everything from one software to another, like marketing to CRM, CRM to CMS, and CMS to marketing. It includes form submissions, publishing messages on social media, evaluating email performance, keywords data, list contacts, deals and companies, blog posts, website data like HTML page, URL mapping and much more.

But on the other side, WordPress is an open-source tool that provides unrestricted access. While using WordPress, you need the assistance of a web developer while exporting data from one CMS platform to another host.

Reason-4 Quick Blogging

To increase the ranking of the website, every marketer aims to post quality and optimized content on its site to get a top ranking on the search engines. If you aim the same, then you might be looking for efficient software to attract visitors and generate organic traffic.

HubSpot is one of the known CMS blogging tools. By using it, you can write, edit, manage and optimize good quality content accurately. Moreover, it also offers the feature of updating the uploaded content at any time by knowing its code as it includes the element of the source code. With the help of the HubSpot tool, you can directly add CTA and schedule hundreds of posts quickly.

We know that WordPress is a blogging software but we can edit, format and schedule the blog post by doing a lot of back and forth activities which may consume a lot of time. Furthermore, it does not provide the feature of adding CTA into your blog visually which is another drawback of WordPress.

Reason-5 Build Page Building Experience

Are you from a non-development background but are familiar with the basic concepts of website development and thinking to build a new website?

HubSpot CMS will definitely help you to achieve the goals as it offers a drag and drop feature to build templates, forms, etc. It includes 35 modules using which you can build web pages quickly. These modules cover standard page features like social media buttons, menus, headers, subscription forms, text, sliders, CTAs, mages and blog posts.

You can edit your web page theme at any time until you are satisfied with it. It can be said that HubSpot is better than WordPress in the page-building experience. No doubt that WordPress provides robust free visual page builders but, you need additional features to fulfill the complex needs.

Reason-6 SEO

WANNA!! Research keywords to get an optimized website for search engines. Are you searching for the right tool?

Clear your mind with Hubspot CMS because it has a built-in feature SEO tool. It will help you to search the keywords with the main focus to better optimize your blog posts and provide a strategic graph to organize the content. Moreover, it also provides Google search console integration, inbound link tracking, competitor tracking, and page performance tracking.

When you sign up for WordPress, you do not get SEO functionality. Marketers or bloggers who rely on WordPress are using third-party SEO tools and extra plugins by spending more cost.

So, why not get more necessary features in the all-in-one tool, which is HubSpot CMS? Click here to know how to boost your business visibility with Local SEO.  

Reason-7 Email Automation

Emails are the best way to engage with potential customers and build an online presence.

How much time do you spend daily on writing emails? WANNA! Reduce that? Start-Automating!

HubSpot CMS is the right automation tool; once you create the emails and start automating, you will be able to score more leads without spending countless hours writing emails. HubSpot CMS helps you to add personalization tokens for message customization and automate the newsletter.  

Furthermore, HubSpot provides the best marketing automation feature- Workflow. By using it, you can personalize your emails into your database and maintain your contacts.

WordPress does not provide an essential feature of marketing automation. If you want to build a deeper relationship with customers and uplift marketing leads via WordPress, you have to rely on a secondary tool for email automation by spending extra money.

WANNA Do that! Of course not.

The Last Call- HubSpot CMS Wins

Hopefully, now you might have got an idea- of why I was in favor of HubSpot CMS.

By experiencing the benefits of HubSpot CMS over WordPress, you have to admit that HubSpot is far better than WordPress. HubSpot platform will help you to fulfill all your desires. Undoubtedly, WordPress also allows you to achieve your business goals, but HubSpot has high standards in inbound marketing as well as website development and delivers the best end results.

If your company will start using HubSpot CMS, then you will definitely see a vibrant growth in your website performance and ROI.

I don’t think there is any specific reason to choose WordPress when we have an all-in-one marketing and development tool indexed high on the top list of web development and content management.

Start building your new web page through HubSpot CMS quickly by availing its efficient services.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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