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Seven unheard reasons to achieve greater by hiring mobile app developers for your app

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Here is an interesting fact: People view product 4.2 times more per session within apps as compared to mobile sites. This indicates the importance of business apps. Today’s mobile-driven world largely depends on apps, and entrepreneurs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon to get the most of a paradigm shift from desktops to handheld devices.

But then, the mobile app development domain is thriving with the advent of technological advancements. Also, the app stores are surging with apps and hundreds of thousands of apps are deployed daily. In such a competitive scenario, it is not possible to build an excellent and innovative business app without taking the help of professional app developers. Let us go through the reasons why you should hire mobile app developers for your app project:

1. Exclusivity- How about having experienced professionals work exclusively on your projects? When you hire mobile app developers, you can get a team that works full time to meet your business requirements in a flawless and feature-rich app. From ideation to design and prototyping to development, every phase of app development runs as per your direction.

2. Professionalism- As compared to a freelance developer, the team of developers is more professional, responsible, and disciplined. You can avail the benefits of their collaborative approach and time-tested methodology. In other words, you need to hire mobile app developers to get high-quality apps that can entice and engage users.

3. Communication- Easy and real-time communication with the help of different channels is possible when you hire a team of app developers. If you want to modify any functionality or remove any feature, you can easily instruct the team. The development process of customized apps requires effective communication, and you can achieve this goal with the dedicated team of developers.

4. Availability- When you hire mobile app developer from a reputed app development company, you can remain assured that your app project will meet the deadline. Even if a developer or two falls sick or unable to complete your project, you can get other developers to complete the remaining project.

5. Peace of Mind- When the developer team starts building a tailored app from scratch, you need not worry about any app-related aspect. You can remain focused on critical business operations and plan a strategy for the promotion of your business app in advance.

6. Reporting- When you hire a team of app developers, they give you report of every activity at the end of the day. As the developers are employees of a mobile app development company, you get regular updates and real-time reporting of the development process.

7. Talented Resources- Usually, an app development team has a combination of new and experienced developers, which offers you the benefits of innovative approach and experience. With a profound knowledge and capability of using the cutting-edge tools and technologies, you can get a robust mobile app for your enterprise.

Apart from these evident benefits, you can get related services like app promotion and modification with extensive technical assistance from the same app development company. Your app is in the safe hands’ thanks to NDA, and you can get an edge over your peers in a cost-efficient way.

You may raise a question that how can we hire right mobile app developers? As we have many app development companies around, it is difficult to choose the right app development partner. Though you have a brilliant app concept, it will go in vain if you fail to find the right developer.

All you need is a little homework and keep the following tips in mind to hire the most suitable app developers for your app:

1. Research, Research, Research- Your app can make or break the online reputation of your business. Do extensive research to find a reliable mobile application development company. It is better if the company is located in or near your workplace. You can surf the web and ask your friends or relatives about the app developers. It is better if any of your acquaintances have a good experience with a mobile app developer.

2. Make Questionnaire- It is better to ask questions about past projects, app development trends, portfolio, and the like to the developers to get a better idea about their skills and expertise. You can also check their portfolio and ask whether they have made an app similar to yours. When you opt for outsourcing your app project, it is of the utmost importance to check the profile and background of app developers.

3. Make Everything Clear- Before assigning the project, you should clear every aspect regarding ownership, long-term commitment for maintenance and support, app deployment, payment procedure, and deadline. Also, you should check whether there is any hidden charge or additional cost. Experienced app developers always tend to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client. It is not advisable to go for developers who do not sign an agreement.

4. Meet Past and Current Clients- Do not get satisfied merely by looking at the developer’s portfolio. References, reviews, and testimonials are also not sufficient. You should contact the past and current clients to get a real idea of the developer’s working style. You can ask the app development companies you visit to share contact details of a few of their clients.

5. Ask for All-round Services- These days, most of the mobile app development services providers offer end-to-end solutions ranging from development to deployment and marketing to maintenance. It can relieve a lot of burden during and after developing your business app. You should, therefore, contact the experienced companies that can help you grow your business with all-around IT services. Such companies can also offer reputation building, app monetization and other related services that can provide a higher ROI.

6. Discuss Payment Procedure- Finally comes the payment. Though the price of your app development project is dependent on multiple factors like complexity, scope, and scalability, you should discuss the payment mode and frequency in advance before hiring mobile app developers. Many companies offer flexible engagement models these days, but you should verify the terms and conditions. Also, the company’s focus should be on transparency and openness when it comes to price determination.

Selecting the perfect mobile app developers is indeed a herculean task, but you can make the process easy by keeping these points in mind.

App Development Cost

If this convinces you for hiring app developers then we can move to the next critical part- development cost. The app development cost, irrespective of genres, based on feature integration and duration. Here we give you an estimation of app development cost along with a brief description of the factors affecting the cost:

1. Platform- You have three options for developing an app: Android, iOS, and cross-platform. Obviously, Android app development cost is higher than iOS and cross-platform app development as Android OS powers numerous mobile devices with different display size and functionality. The testing for Android app is, therefore, taking more time as compared to an iOS app, which translates into the higher cost.

2. Complexity- Level of complexity matters the most when it comes to app development because complexity has a direct relation with development time. You can get a basic app with simple features in $5000. Standard or mid-level app can cost you anywhere between $10000-$20000 whereas complex app costs you ranging from $25000-$50000.

3. Team Size- The engagement models are based on the basic and extended team. The basic team consists of an app developer and a designer with a QA specialist and a project manager. If your app project is bigger and you want to complete it in a shorter time than you can opt for an extended team. The extended team has several developers and a business development executive along with other professionals.

4. Duration- The duration of completing an app plays a significant role in deciding the cost. The complex app with many features takes a longer time to complete and therefore, you have to pay a higher price for it.

5. Features- Your app includes all the features necessary to meet the requirements of your business and target audience. Feature integration has a major role in deciding the price of your app. The inclusion of loyalty programs, wearable devices, and GPS can cost you more. What’s more, features like database and CMS integration also takes more time thereby increasing the development cost significantly.

Apart from these factors, a few other key factors also contribute to deciding the app development cost.

Finally, the hourly rate. There is a great variation in developers’ hourly rates worldwide. On one hand, the US-based app developers charge up to $168 an hour, and on the other hand, Indian as well as Indonesian app developers charge between $25 to $30 an hour.

Additional costs include copyright cost, maintenance and support cost, etc. You should keep provision for such costs to stay ahead of the curve with an updated and user-friendly mobile app.

Time is just right to come forward with an enterprise-grade app and take your business to the next level. Your business app can serve multiple purposes from addressing business requirements to promoting products. You can avail of all the benefits of a thriving mobile technology and increase ROI by hiring mobile app developers in a cost-effective way.


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