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Reduce Friction for a Better User Experience

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Friction refers to averting a user from accomplishing a goal. Fundamentally, friction slows down an interaction, making a well-designed website a nightmare for a user. It is the creativity of a developer to create an experience for users, stopping them from bouncing back off a website.

As said, the website design California relates an account of success in the field of website designing and has been recently the hallmark of producing well-designed websites. The city is well-known for producing dominant website designers, being the reason why people search for the best website design company in California.

Why Reduce Friction?

Reducing friction is always good for the health of your website, as a frictionless user Interface will lead to better interactions without any complications. Clean interaction will make you learn how to clean up your interface by means of reducing friction.

Identifying Friction

Friction results due to various factors, such as poor navigation, prolonged loading time or unwanted elements in an interface. Having said, interface friction is every of that micro-moment which will make your website unresponsive and inaccessible to the users.  It is thus advisable to least place additional elements on a site. The fewer the elements are involved in a site; less will be a level of friction. Not to mention, logging onto a website often cause a higher level of friction.

In addition, friction primarily occurs due to lack of planning prior to creating a website. To avoid friction at first place, it is essential to have a proper site map so that you can map out everything and offer a smooth operating site in future.

Minimizing Friction

As discussed earlier, friction can affect your interaction with the audience, which is not good for the image of your website. A specific process is defined to minimize the level of friction and increase an interaction rate between you and your customer.

Explore Diverse Modes for Stability

There are numerous ways to display your content on the web. Having said, a website is a part of the visual world that is often suggested to use images, graphics, and videos, grasping attention of the visitors. This definitely creates a rhythm in mind of the users.

Use the Magic Of Videos

It is not necessary that every individual understands through your content delivery. The use of videos is always recommended because there are people around the globe who are naturally visual learners. But, videos are not enough, there should always be a relationship between text and graphics to make sure that the communication process is concise and complete.

Emphasize On the Content

Your content should always be helpful for a user. For this, prioritize on the aesthetics, which convey a brand’s message and match the expectations of a user. Limit the content on your website only to that your customers know about. In this way, you’ll be able to keep your target audience interested in services you are providing.

Keep It Unswerving but Interesting

The design of your website should always be consistent. The major reason for it being is that it helps you to improve the familiarity among the customers. The designer and developer have to be very creative when deciding about the consistency of a website, as websites should be consistent but not similar in nature. In case, this doesn’t happen, visitors can easily lose interest.

Easy Navigation

Creativity is what every tech-company worship, however, there are certain key elements that should never be compromised while looking for creativity. It is thus advised to have a simple navigation process. Standard navigation design works the best because it does not get into any difficulty.

Always check whether every button is clickable and labeled with specific words such as “Download Now” or “Add to Cart”. Not to mention, many times the designers and developers are experts, they spend plenty of time on thinking about how to carry out the navigation process, and how to organize various menus such as drop down etc. As a result, users become able to communicate easily. 

How to Improve User Experience

Improving user experience can make your website appear enchantingly amazing, even if it is a one-pager. In addition to this, the user experience can be improved with proper A/B testing and some design improvements, following the industrial trends.

Visibility Search Box

As discussed earlier, it is very essential to make sure that your search box is visible to your audience. The design of search box should be crafted in such a way that it is easily visible to the visitors. Interestingly, it will improve the communication between you and users.


Before immediately jumping onto the conclusion, we can highlight the key aspects of this article, which suggest that friction can harm your website in many ways. To avoid friction from affecting your site, it is advisable to pass your site through QA session prior to releasing it publically in the digital world.

Website design California has distinct reparation in the field of website designing worldwide. The developers and designers in California have always thought out of the box, ensuring all-out creativity to clients around the world. It is, therefore, advised to be consistent but creative at the same time. On top of all, be different and let your visitors feel an ease in scrolling down through your website.


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