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How Safety Glasses Ideally Protect Your Eyes at the Workplace

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It’s not uncommon for people to experience dry eyes and strain that is caused by long hours in front of a screen at work. According to the Vision Council Of America, almost 32 percent of adults suffer from eye strain as a result of spending two or more hours using their digital devices. As we spend long hours in the office, we must take care of our eyes in equal measure.

In the same vein, prescription safety glasses offer the best of visual acuity and protection. This makes them ideal eyeglasses for digital natives and everyone else who works in an office that’s populated with digital devices. Here are some important reasons why you should consider getting RX protective eyeglasses. 

Reduce screen glare 

Computer vision syndrome is a common problem that causes headaches, dry eyes, and other types of discomfort to your eyes. One of the simplest solutions to treat this is to wear Glasses that come with a blue light filter coating. They help relieve strain caused by excessive exposure to blue light sources such as your laptop or PC.

reduce screen glare
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You can even try taking frequent breaks by looking away from your screen for a few seconds or resting your eyes by closing them for a few minutes. Nevertheless, excessive screentime can take a toll on your eye health, so wearing glasses with an anti-blue light coating is imperative.

Protection against blunt eye trauma

Most safety eyeglasses are ANSI rated, meaning they offer a respectable amount of safety assurance against high-impact accidents. At offices, accidents can happen in the most unforeseen manner. The adage ‘prevention is better than cure holds true here, as one should always be prepared for the worst. A small negligence can leave your eyes at risk of incurring a life-changing injury. So why not be prepared for it beforehand?

Choose your lens type

You can easily personalize your glasses according to your own optical needs. For instance, if you’re someone who suffers from astigmatism or presbyopia, choosing progressive lenses would rid you of the hassle of having to carry two glasses at once. Moreover, they would offer a seamless vision that would help you focus on objects at varying distances. 

glass lense
Credit: Freepik

Add-ons for an enhanced visual experience

Lens add-ons – in the form of coatings – greatly enhance your optical experience and the shelf life of your glasses. For example, if you’re getting polycarbonate lenses in your frames, it always helps to add an anti-scratch coating that prevents the lens surface from getting crazed or scratched easily. The aforementioned blue light filter coating is a befitting option as well.

Furthermore, you can even add anti-reflective coating which prevents reflections that often form on the front & back surface of your lenses. This makes your glasses’ lenses appear more natural & keeps away that annoying reflection that often comes while taking pictures. 

Visually appealing frames

Who said that eyeglasses have to make you look like a nerd? Modern eyewear standards have allowed eye protection PPE to become a fashionable accessory, coming in a variety of unique styles, shapes & designs. You can let your eyewear speak for you in terms of being truly fashionable.

Long gone are the days when glasses had to be old-fashioned and boring. In a workplace setting, everyone wishes to maintain a certain persona that is complimented by their chosen eye accessory. Be it a designer chic shape or a sporty wraparound shape, the range of options are impressive.


There’s no getting around the fact that your eyes require ample care and protection. The influx of digital devices at workplaces inevitably means that our eyes have to work harder, thus requiring greater attention. For most people, assessing your own optical needs before you customize or even buy a fresh pair of glasses is vital. Doing so will let you have a better idea of what features you need in your prescription eyewear. However, eye safety cannot be stressed enough. This means taking adequate measures for eye protection no matter how safe the workplace premises may seem.  


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