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Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: is It Worth Buying?

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When Samsung came out with the 10 series, they didn’t just release two new phones. No, they made out life much harder, in a good way of course, by adding a completely new model to the S10 series. I’m talking about the S10, which is this series smallest and also the cheapest phone. But cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

New Design

At first glance, it may seem like the S10e looks exactly the same as its bigger versions. But once you take a look closer, you’ll notice that there are actually some minor differences.

No, you don’t need to worry about the build quality. It’s the same as all the rest of the premium models. And yes, this is still a premium model as its part of the Galaxy S series. Samsung has used only the best materials, aluminum and glass.

The biggest change though is the small hole at the top corner of the screen. Unlike other companies, Samsung has decided to ditch the notch and move the front camera lens to the front of the screen. I have nothing against notches, but I like this new solution more. I have noticed that it doesn’t bother me as much.

Fingerprint Sensor & Camera Lenses

The front camera has also been trending on Twitter. People have discovered genius ways to hide the camera with creative wallpapers. Even Samsung has shared a couple of wallpapers on their social media platforms.

There are two more features that you can differ the S10e model from the others. Firstly there is no fingerprint reader built into the screen. You won’t find the sensor anywhere on the body. Not even on the back. Instead, Samsung has hidden it inside the power button on the right side.

Sony used to have this type as well on some models but they eventually decided to drop it. There was also a reason for it. Their solution barely worked and it was pretty annoying to use. You most definitely can’t say that about Samsung. The fingerprint reader on the Samsung Galaxy S10e works just like any other sensor. As in it recognizes fingerprints just as fast and accurately.
The second difference, that’s actually visually noticeable, is the number of camera lenses. Samsung Galaxy S10e has two of them: wide angle and ultra-wide angle. The more expensive models have also got a telephoto lens for zoom.


Let’s be honest, most middle and high-end smartphones have reached the point where comparing processors and memory numbers don’t really mean a thing anymore. All of the smartphones are capable of handling all the necessary tasks. So you won’t ever need to worry about lag or the phones being slow. This is also the case with the Samsung S10e.

I have to confess that I have never been a fan of the Samsung user interface. Mostly because there are way too many pre-installed apps. They make the interface too crowded and it just doesn’t feel right.
It seems like I’m not the only one who feels this way. Especially since all of the new Samsung models, the Samsung Galaxy S10e as well, have a completely new user interface. They like to call it OneUI.

They have redesigned the icons, which makes the interface look much better. Even the menu and the notification area has received some touches. I actually really like it as I feel like the UI is much easier to use now.

Samsung still provides enough freedom to customize everything. For example, you can configure the power button so that it opens up the notification bar when you slide your finger across it. This isn’t for everyone though as it can get quite annoying after a while. I had plenty of instances where I accidentally touched the button and opened up the notification area.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has also got facial recognition in case you don’t want to use the fingerprint reader. This feature works really well and I haven’t run into any problems so far.

Unfortunately, they have kept the Bixby voice assistant button on the phone’s left side. I’m not a huge fan of the voice assistant as I don’t ever use it. I like that you can replace it with a different function. Unfortunately, you can’t completely disable Bixby, you can only choose if you want to open with one or two button presses.

Camera Quality

Like I mentioned before, the biggest update about the camera quality is the addition of the wide angle lens. It lets you capture much more detail in the photo. Photography fans have also different modes for capturing just food. There’s even a possibility to directly post images to Instagram.

The overall camera quality is incredibly good. I wouldn’t expect any less from a smartphone in this category.


The battery life has been quite average so far. As in you can expect to get around an entire day of usage out of it. You’ll definitely need to charge it during the second day. The phone also comes with a fast charger, which you can use to fully charge the phone incredibly fast.

Samsung has also added a new cool feature to the battery. You can now turn the S10e into a wireless charger. As in you can place a device on the back of the phone and charge it wirelessly. That’s if it supports the Qi wireless charging of course. It’s quite slow but I’m glad that I have the option to use it.


Yes, the Samsung S10e is much smaller than the S10 and S10+ versions but it’s just as capable as them. Not to mention that it’s the cheapest model of the S10 series. I definitely see a demand for it. There are plenty of people who want smaller phones. Me being one of them actually. So if you are like that, the S10e can be a great phone to check out.

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