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Smart reasons to purchase a refurbished Apple product

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There is a stigma against buying a refurbished product since a large number of companies don’t have thorough quality control programs for the refurbished products. A few companies might offer refurbished products with remedial defects and other different issues. But this is not the situation with Apple.

Apple is a brand that always has a strong fan following and offers superior quality products. It has always been a trendsetter that has always managed to release the products which appear to be great. Its products do not just score with respect to its looks, yet are well-known for their reliable functioning. But the one thing that is common with all the Apple products is that they are costly. This is where the concept of refurbished Apple products gets started.

The refurbished Apple products are available online at cheaper discounts from third-party retailers. On the contrary, they don’t offer the same advantages as purchasing directly from Apple.

What do you mean by Refurbished Products?

The products that are sold in Apple’s online refurbished store are known as pre-owned products and these have been returned by customers to Apple who encounters some sort of defect. These are also the products which the customers have elected for recycling by means of Apple recycling program or the products which are returned and unwanted.

Apple does the repairs of these products and replaces all of the defective parts prior selling them again via Apple online refurbished website. These are only provided by the Apple’s site and the retail stores don’t offer them.

Refurbished Products Available From Apple

Apple provides a wide variety of refurbished products in its online store, from iPads and Macs to the Apple TV and accessories. Every refurbished Apple product, like Apple TV, Mac, iPad or any Apple accessory sold by Apple have to pass through a certification procedure which certifies full functionality and with iOS devices. As such, each product gets a news external shell and a fresh battery. Besides, most of the refurbished Apple products are locked, so at the time of purchase check whether it is unlocked or not.

The Reasons

Following are the reason which signifies why you must opt for refurbished Apple products instead of purchasing a new one:

1. Price

For an Apple enthusiast purchasing a refurbished product is the ideal option in case the price is of the major concern. Buying a refurbished Apple product will save you a lot of money as these are available at lesser prices. Therefore, purchasing a Refurbished iPhone 6s plus is cheaper than purchasing a brand new one.

2. You Get a New Battery

In case you purchase a perfect looking refurbished Apple product from a third-party seller, you don’t know how many remaining charge cycles are there in the battery. In case if you think to change the battery it will be more costly. The refurbished Apple products available from Apple store have a brand new, full capacity inside the battery. Apple also replaces the outer shell of the refurbished products as well.

3. Full Warranty

Every refurbished product sold by Apple comes with a warranty period that varies from one month up to a year. In case something goes wrong in that period of time, there is no need to pay to Apple for repairs which are out-of-warranty period. Also, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, there is a money-back warranty period of two weeks after the point of sale.

4. Inspected and Approved

When you purchase an iPhone 6s plus from Apple store you will be confident that you will receive a good quality product. They do thorough testing of the product and clean it. In case if something is not up to the standards, the Apple-specialized technicians will replace it and assure that everything is correctly working before you purchase it.

5. Environment-Friendly

Along with a good deal of money, these are environment-friendly too. Nowadays, smartphones include a ton of technology inside them. They make use of all types of metals and mining such metals and getting them out leaves a big environmental footprint. Additionally, smartphones make use of toxic chemicals during their manufacture and large amounts of energy are expended during their production.

As refurbished products re-used a large number of its components, its environmental footprint will considerably lower than a new-manufactured product. Hence, you will minimize the amount of electric waste to a great extent.

6. The Bottom Line

Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone 6s plus is the best alternative in comparison to purchasing a brand new one. This Apple product should function as if it is a new product – the main difference will be a couple of remedial defectiveness. Hence, you can save a lot by selecting any refurbished Apple product.


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