Increase the Value of Your Truck with These Smart Truck Accessories

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If you have an older model truck, you might be coveting some of the newfangled smart technology they’re putting in newer models these days. Or maybe you did buy a newer model, but couldn’t afford to fork out for the fully-loaded truck with all the latest smart technology.

Not to worry. You can install smart truck accessories that will give your truck – new or old – all the connectivity and smart technology your heart desires. From backup cameras to more accurate speedometers.

Here are the smart truck accessories you need

Wireless Backup Camera

If your truck didn’t come with a backup camera, you don’t know what you’re missing. Pickup trucks have huge blind spots. It’s so much easier and safer to backup when you can see what’s behind that long truck bed. You can even get wireless backup cameras to attach to the back of your cab so you can keep an eye on your cargo while you’re in transit. 

You can install a wireless backup camera in any truck, no matter how old. Some wireless cameras come with a display monitor that you can mount on the dash. If you already have a screen in your dash, you can find a backup camera that connects to that screen. 

Tailgate Assist

Sure, you can buy fancy new truck wheels or a fastback tonneau cover, but maybe your money is better spent on a piece of smart technology that can let your tailgate down easy – no more harsh clanging every time you open the bed of your truck. Tailgate assist kits are easy to install yourself, and you can get them on Amazon for a reasonable price.

Bluetooth Media Player

Are you still relying on a big binder of CDs or, even worse, the radio for your musical entertainment while you drive? It’s high time you upgraded to Bluetooth. If you have a cassette tape player, you can buy an adapter that plugs into your cassette that will allow you to connect your phone’s Bluetooth to the car’s stereo system. 

You can also buy Bluetooth transmitters that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. These transmitters allow you to play your phone’s Bluetooth signal over the radio. You’ll choose an FM frequency that isn’t broadcasting in your location, then set the transmitter to that same frequency. Connect the phone to your transmitter and you’ll be able to play music from your phone over the radio on that frequency.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your truck doesn’t have a hands-free calling, you need a hands-free Bluetooth speaker. It’s just not safe to talk on your handset while you’re driving, and it’s illegal in many jurisdictions, besides. Avoid getting into an accident or getting a ticket. A hands-free Bluetooth speaker is especially necessary if you work from your truck and take work calls while you’re driving. You can mount the speaker from a discreet place, such as from the back of your sun visor, so it’s out of the way but handy whenever you need to take a hands-free call. 

GPS-Based Speedometer

Did you know that your truck’s speedometer might not be accurate? Your truck calculates your speed using the rpm of your tires and the ideal circumference of your tires. However, there are many factors that could affect this calculation that isn’t accounted for by your truck’s programming. Factors such as the amount of wear on your tires, or their level of inflation, could affect the accuracy of your speedometer. And we’re not talking just a little inaccuracy, either – it could be enough to make you get a speeding ticket.

If you want a more accurate measurement of your speed, you need a speedometer that uses GPS to calculate your speed. GPS speedometers communicate with satellites to calculate how fast you’re traveling – they don’t assume anything, but actually measure your rate of travel from point A to point B. The calculations provided by a GPS speedometer are more accurate than your built-in speedometer. You can buy GPS speedometers with speeding alerts and trip mileage gauges that plug into the cigarette lighter.

Do you wish your truck had more smart features? You don’t have to buy a whole new truck. You can use smart truck accessories to add smart features to your old truck – no matter how old it is. Even if you’re driving a truck that still has a cassette player, you can add smart features like Bluetooth, hands-free calling, and backup cameras. Keep getting your money’s worth out of your old truck, and enjoy all the latest technology at the same time.

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