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Looking for a Social Video App in the Apple Store? – 12 Top Features to Choose Right

TG Staff
TG Staff
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Social video has the power to tell a story; that’s why it’s popular. The right social video app can help you create and distribute epic content. So, if you’re a content creator or just browsing in the Apple App Store for a new social video app, which one should you choose?? 

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 12 features of a great social video app. 

Top 9 Features Every Social Video App Should Have 

There is a wide offer of social video apps, some geared to young audiences, some to create music videos, and others to show content in a specific geolocation. But good apps have critical features in common: 

Secure Login 

When you register on an app, you give credential details, such as your name or e-payment details, which can be a great asset for a cyber-criminal.  A data breach in a social media app can be a disaster. 

That’s why one of the most important features of a social video app is how they manage your personal data. Look for an app that doesn’t store users’ data. 

A secure login implies a unique user account with multiple authentication methods, for example, through code authentication. 

User-friendly interface 

Ever downloaded a seemingly great app to uninstall it five minutes later because of a frustrating UI? 

An app’s UI integrates content, design, navigation, input controls, and media layout to create the user experience.

To succeed, the user interface should be easy to navigate and use and allow users to reach their goals quickly and hassle-free. 


A social media app has “social” on its name for a reason. A social video app’s main feature is to allow users to create a personal or business network. 

Who can be in your network? Friends, family, colleagues, and people with similar interests or in the same location. So, it is important that the app allows users to request friendships, add people to their networks, or follow one another. 

Messaging system

The idea behind a social video app is also to enable users to interact with each other. Commenting and reactions are nice, but the actual conversation starts with messaging. A good social video app will provide a way for users to request contact and message each other. 

Watch later or save the option

Some social videos are worth watching more than once. You may want to save that video with recommendations of a destination you want to visit, a restaurant that offers a good experience, or a lovely recipe. Leading apps should allow users to save videos to watch later and create collections. 

Geolocation filtering

You may be looking for exciting things to do around you or in a place you want to visit. A great social video app will allow you to filter interesting content by geolocation, find locally trending topics, and discover new places, people, and experiences. 

Reaction and comments option 

Every social app needs to allow users to express themselves, comment, and react to the content they see. Allowing for respectful and helpful discussion enriches the content and creates communities and engagement. With the right app, your followers can show their emotions, add tips or comment on your content. 

Activity tracking

Whether you are a content creator or a private user, you surely have videos you post that you want to revisit and enjoy those memories again. Knowing how much you’ve been active and when you have been posting more can give you insights into your social activity. Good networks enable users to check their activity levels, set reminders when a user is inactive, and encourage them to get back.  

Content creation 

Finally, a social video app should have top-notch features for content creation. Filters, video quality and sound, special effects, and more are all features that allow content creators to produce great-quality videos

Tips to Create Amazing Social Media Videos

  1. Most people won’t watch a video on social media that lasts more than five minutes. Keeping your video content short and to the point is essential. Provide engaging and exciting topics, keeping only the core message and removing excess parts. 
  2. Have a plan and a goal of what you want to say with your videos. y. Know beforehand what you want to say in your videos and how you will present it. Design and define exactly when you will shoot, what light you will use, the location, and more. With a plan, you can babble, and your audience will gain interest quickly. 
  3. It’s all about the first seconds: You only have the first 10 seconds to impress your audience and help them decide whether they want to watch your video. Start with a question, a strong hook, or powerful visuals. Try to include your brand or tagline so your video gets recognized. Make them count.
  1. Check your audio quality: Sound is as important as the image in social media videos. The built-in mic in your phone may need to be better to capture your narration while isolating the background noise.

The Takeaway

Finding the right social video app for you can be challenging, whether you are a content creator or an individual wishing to try it on social media. Hopefully, the list of features we mentioned here can get you on the right track.


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