Top 3 software development aspects to focus on

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Software development offers new means to define and describe the scope, purpose, and value of different software-based projects to satisfy and address perceived needs. Although there are various aspects of software development that have helped shape today’s technology, the following are the top three, with detailed information on how they have led to technological advancement.

1. Value creation and workflow

Value creation involves the performance of any action to increase the worth of a business, product, or service. Creating value for shareholders ensures the availability of investment capital, which will help fund future operations while creating value for your customers enables you to sell your products and services. Therefore, the creation and delivery of something valuable to customers are one of the most crucial aspects of software development.

Another important aspect is a workflow and the software development areas we place emphasis on. Research shows we sometimes put too much effort and time into the wrong areas. For instance, how long does it take for a bug report or a requested feature to go through the entire pipeline from being noted to release?

Whenever your automated test takes a lot of time, your work starts to pile up because of the low integration procedure. As such, your entire software team needs to be on alert in order to at least offer help or start working on it. This should be everyone’s responsibility whether it’s a problem with the approval process or an operational issue.

If you don’t offer something valuable, you risk technical debt or the introduction of bugs into a product. Techniques such as user story mapping and design thinking are very effective in finding out the value and how it can be optimized.

2. Fast feedback

Getting fast and honest feedback can be essential to enterprises looking to boost their customer experience. This is because fast feedback provides value by informing the business if it’s heading in the right direction. How fast is your feedback generated? Do the relevant people receive it? These are some of the questions you should always ask yourself to reveal any issues related to your product or service.

Also, feedback affects your deployment pipeline, test pipeline and the visibility of a key performance indicator or a build status. Regular feedback, especially on a new skill or job performance, promote not only personal growth but also professional growth which increase the potential of team members for greater areas of responsibilities. It helps them to learn new measures to take to increase their confidence; which ensures they stay longer since there are more opportunities as well as an investment in their success.

Therefore, providing feedback in a respectful and timely manner with the intentions of helping others succeed or improve, even in your daily work as an organization or a team, sends a strong message of support to guests, clients, and team members.

Frameworks (e.g. scrum) are perfect options for integrating fast feedback into your routine work.

3. Learning and exploring

Learning helps you achieve your full potential by boosting your confidence in certain tasks as well as making your job enjoyable. As such, always set aside some free time to explore and learn new work routines and other useful skills. This will translate to improved overall work performance and motivation.

According to research done by the Association for Talent Development in the US, organizations are more agile, engaged and competitive whenever there is constant learning and knowledge is freely shared. Moreover, a survey done in 2015 on about 830 companies indicated that enterprises with a culture of exploring and learning were among the highest performers.

You can use the working-time model to improve an ongoing project for not only company advancement but also personal development.

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