Speeding up your internet and broadband speeds – 2019 guide

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It is 2019 and with all the advancement in technology, you’re still stuck with the same old substandard broadband speeds. It is quite possible that like most people you are also experiencing this problem of slow internet speed because of some very common issues.

The internet and broadband speeds can be slow due to several reasons that may range from using old hardware to having too many devices on your network. So, how can one pinpoint the issue and resolve it to get the most of their home internet? Here is a comprehensive guide that will highlight some of the most common issues and how you can fix them to improve your broadband speed at home or in office.

Start with a broadband speed test

You are reading this guide because your internet speed is slow, but the important question is just how slow the internet speed is? You have to find that out with a speed test. The test will help you determine the upload speed and the download speed (as both of them determine the rate of data you send and receive from the web.) There are many resources for broadband speed testing and you should try at least two of them to get a proper idea of how much internet speed you’re getting. If you are not getting the average speed against you’re paying for (e.g. getting hardly 2MB on the 10MB package), then there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.

5 Most effective ways for improving your interest and broadband speeds

Increasing Your Line’s Power

You must have the clearest connection possible if you wish to maximize the broadband speed. Understand that you won’t be able to do much on your own if the quality of the line is compromised from outside your home. However, there are many ways to improve clarity indoors. Here are three best ways to do it:

Search for The Best Socket: If you are not getting good speed from one socket, try using multiple sockets along with internet speed test.

Check the Microfilters: The adapters help split your voice and the broadband signal. The adapters must be plugged not only into the socket used for the broadband but also into every other phone socket as well.

Keep the Router Near to the Phone Socket: This is a really important tip for you. Keeping the router near the phone socket is important because poor-quality phone wires can seriously affect the internet speeds. Try to keep the wire as short as possible and if you really want a longer wire then it is recommended to invest in the best-quality cabling.

Wi-Fi Signal Fine-Tuning

Wireless routers are convenient but there is no denying that they are not reliable or efficient. However, wireless routers are most commonly used because they have the convenience factor. So, if you are using Wi-Fi, here are two things to watch out for:

Electrical Interferences: Try to switch everything electrical near the router and then conduct another speed test to check if it makes any difference. Make sure your router isn’t placed near home security unit, baby monitor, or microwave.

Password-Protect Your Wireless Network: It is really surprising that many people do not password-protect their wireless networks. Your neighbor or someone nearby could easily take up this invitation and use your internet which may cause slow speed. And understand that slow internet is not the only issue here; your security can be compromised as well.

Try Rebooting Your Router

What do you do when your computer starts acting a bit slow? You reboot it, right. Rebooting helps as it clears cached memories and any other processes that you don’t need. The important thing is that it makes your computer run faster. The same can be said about the wireless router as well because it acts like a mini-computer and stores information. So, resetting it can be a really effective solution. But why is it effective? Well, once you reset your router, it starts to reconnect to various other channels and this means that there is a high possibility it may land you on a channel that is less busy and more efficient.

Consider Changing the Router

As most routers are given by the internet provider, they are not the best quality routers. Try investing in a router that meets the fastest current standards. It is because routers do become old and lose their effectiveness over time. In most cases, an old router is causing the entire problem and yet people take a lot of time in figuring out the real culprit. So, it is highly recommended to invest in the latest Wi-Fi technology. Consider asking your internet provider for guidance if you have less knowledge of the latest routers.

Opt for Ethernet

This may sound like a less appealing option, but this can be a really effective option for you if you’re tired of slow internet. It may not provide that convenience that Wi-Fi is known for providing so effortlessly, but reverting to Ethernet can really boost your speed. It is mainly because an Ethernet cable doesn’t encrypt data as wireless routers do and this automatically helps in boosting the speed.

With an Ethernet cable, you won’t be complaining about interference. It is a much better option because it is more reliable and secure than a wireless router. Sometimes, old ways are the best ways.

The bottom line

Most of the time, there are some small issues that affect the internet and broadband speed and we start thinking that there might be a bigger issue behind it. So, it is best to give your best shot at fixing the problem and it can be expected that the above-mentioned tips will help improve the speed. However, if you are unable to identify the problem then it is best to call in the expert. If the problem persists, maybe it is high time for you to switch providers.

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