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Suffering From Writer’s Block? 10 Small Techniques to Overcome It Easily

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Guest Author
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If you know one or two things about meeting deadlines, then you’ve probably experienced writer’s block. You know, that thing that stops you from completing that article on building a successful business, and it often comes without much of a warning. Well, you can overcome it with small techniques designed to help you do more than force the issue.

1. Go easy on the First Draft

The first draft of any article you’re working on doesn’t have to be perfect. It only has to be written. Beating yourself up because it’s not half as good as you imagined won’t do you any good. Further, it’s given that blocks take place because of the pressure writers put on themselves to be perfect. Well, permit yourself to write imperfect words for a change. 

2. Write something else

Most times, regaining your writing groove is as easy as putting down something entirely different. Rather than banging your head against what’s in front of you, let go (temporarily, of course) of what you’re doing and start a new piece on a different topic. This way, you’ll come back refreshed for the initial article.

3. Play a game 

Sounds fun, right? Many writers kick the block to the curb by playing games. A block is often indicative of the fact that your creative juices are getting low. Get a game to distract you for some minutes. What you’ll gain includes renewed focus and concentration on the details. What’s more, your mind is free of the block you experienced writing. 

You can play a game of chess with a friend or on your phone or any of your favorite games that help you let down your hair. Either way, your brain receives the much-needed stimulation to get going as you return to writing. 

4. Read something worthwhile 

Great writers indeed read a lot to boost their writing skills. Well, with a writer’s block weighing you down, get a book or read an engaging article to gain more ideas. For instance, you could read something about securing your business data, a novel, or even some of your previous works. This way, you get to be put out of the box created by writer’s block and go on to something potentially creative. 

5. Figure out the problem 

Surely there’s a reason why you’re coming up with blanks, and it could be down to many factors. Fear, pressure, burnout, and external disturbances are contributing factors to writer’s block. It’s not an isolated phenomenon so getting to the root of the problem helps you know how to overcome it effectively. 

No problem starts in isolation, and this truth covers other areas of life. So, you don’t need to beat yourself up. Further, if by chance you don’t come across a problem, use the other small techniques listed here. 

6. Exercise 

No, you’re not after a six-pack or trying to boost your biceps. Exercising does a lot of wonders for writers. Helping you free your mind, reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity. Some activities like running help in the generation of new brain cells to which go on to boost creativity. Simply going for a walk will do a world of good when you come back to your writing. Swimming is another activity you can try. 

7. Change scenery 

Go someplace else. A new look, surrounding and location can do a world or good. What’s more, a different environment breeds inspiration because you get to meet new people, see new things and simply put your write up on the back burner. More inspiration can come from an assignment help service too. 

Go to the beachside, a coffee shop or a library. Anywhere you feel led to and that brings out the creative side of you. Also, give yourself a breather before going back to where you stopped writing. 

8. Get rid of distractions 

Distractions abound, particularly when you’re trying to focus on getting some more pages done. This ultimately leads to a setback, especially when you have a deadline to meet. But distractions don’t come from only external forces. It could come from you. 

For example, when you’re overly keen on what’s trending on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it’s given that writer’s block could occur. Thankfully, you can set up your computer or phone to help you not deviate from the work at hand. Also, if you’re writing manually, keep triggers that distract you far away or distance yourself from them. Getting that verve to keep writing takes a lot of personal effort.

9. Give free-writing a shot 

Sometimes getting out of a state of writer’s block requires that you write. Of course, it’s not a magic wand you can use to wave all your problems away automatically. However, it works a treat, especially when you get some writing exercises to do. For one, free-writing basically involves writing without rules of engagement. 

For example, grab a pen and paper or simply create a blank page on your computer and get busy. The secret? Write whatever pops into your head and don’t worry about editing or censoring what you put down. Unlike worrying about links, instructions and the likes associated with online assignment help, you’re unrestricted on every level. Just put your thoughts down as your imagination wanders free and uncontrolled by time and space. 

10. Take a shower

You sit at a table, the lamp over your notepad and hands eager to write. But there’s one problem. Nothing seems to be coming through and it doesn’t look like the situation will change anytime soon. What do you do? Perhaps it’s time to take a shower. Taking a shower is a mindless task you can do. It is monotonous, thus leaving your brain to run free without any restrictions on what you think about. 

Rather than seek out the latest on social media, or head out, get into the shower and let the water revive you. You’ll find that after a while, there’s no block. More so, you’ll have gained an idea or two before drying out. 


In conclusion, you could also opt not to do anything when you experience writer’s block. Simply let the phase pass!


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