15 Tech business ideas for your startup

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Many people consider starting up their own business. The freedom of being your own boss is very appealing, but not everyone knows which business they want to be in. With the digitalization of many industries, tech start-ups have started to pop up across markets. Technology has provided entrepreneurs with an endless amount of new possible business ideas. It takes 2-6 months to build a product ready for market validation. Today, we bring you 15 high tech business ideas for your business.

AI Technology

One of the most exciting trends within tech right now is AI, since it’s in high demand and it offers endless business opportunities. With AI, many business processes are no longer dependent on human interaction. If you are looking for one way of using AI as a business idea, it could be to develop an AI platform.

For instance, AI has helped several websites and e-commerce businesses with automatizing different customer service processes. Chat robots relying on AI can now interact with visitors on a given platform and hopefully convert them into paying customers, which is way more efficient than if humans had to do it manually.

3D Printing

3D printing is at the forefront of cutting-edge tech gadget development. This 3D printing can very well be the next big revolutionizer in many industries. 3D printing has made it possible to create almost anything like a 3D model. Many industries are no longer limited to specified machines to manufacture simple hardware parts.

With 3D printing, they are easily designed and hereafter printed in an entirely accurate 3D model. Right now, experts say that we are only at the beginning of seeing 3D printings endless opportunities. If you want to be a frontrunner within an exciting future-proof tech industry, you might want to focus on 3D – the interest is only growing, so perhaps you should start your business before it is too late.

Freelance Tech Consultant

You are perhaps dreaming of the freedom that follows business owners? Well, within tech it has become incredibly popular to go freelance. A freelance IT consultant, you will be your own boss and choose which project to work on yourself. The market for IT freelancing is enormous, and depending on your field of expertise there is a high demand for your competencies.

Consider which area you can do a difference in, be an expert in your field and you will land a lot of clients. There is a massive pool of companies looking for specialized IT knowledge, and with the right skill set, you will be able to build a profitable career within this tech industry.

Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names can be a very good business. It might seem a bit old-school, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. A lot of new companies are on the look for an appropriate domain name for their new website. Be proactive and think about which domains might be in demand in the future and buy them. At some point, a company will pop and be willing to pay you money for that domain.

Cloud Storage Service

Do you remember the days where all documents were stored in large physical archives? Probably not. Today, we save more or less everything in the cloud. By starting a cloud storage service, you give companies the possibility to store large amounts of data and information safely in the cloud, where it will be easily accessible.

Tech Rental

Digitalization has made many things more accessible, but – surprisingly we are still dependent on the hardware. The increased takeover of digital solutions has generated a massive demand for hardware and tech gadgets. But many people only need hardware occasionally, which keeps them away from investing in it. That is why it can turn out a profitable business to invest in hardware that you rent out to needy customers. Perhaps a tech business idea for you?

Big Data Analytics Service

Another buzzword that has spread across the tech industry is big data. With the huge amount of data available, many companies find it hard to create a complete overview. Therefore, many companies resort to data analyst services that can help interpret meaning out of large chunks of data. It has proven very successful for many businesses to utilize the huge amount of data. It helps to create better advertising, better product selection and generally helps lift sales figures significantly.

By building your tech business on the idea that you will help companies interpret big data, you will not be bored. The market for big data analysis is massive, and companies are eager to hire you if you offer a quality service.


We have already covered AI, but it’s strongly related to the robots that AI is applied to. Not surprisingly, robots are more precise and efficient than humans. Therefore, robots are used to automatize many processes across industries. Robots are designed to both take-ups over simple and complex tasks. You are perhaps a robotic engineer and know the principles of building a robot. Regardless of your background, it is a business idea, where you probably won’t be waiting a long time to land your first customer.

E-commerce Business

Everything can be bought online – clothes, hardware, bikes, and food. Almost every business that sells goods has an online webshop. You might have a great product that you want to sell, but you can’t afford to open up a physical store – open a webshop instead! By having an e-commerce business, you don’t have to worry about rent or customers swinging by your store. All you need is a well-functioning webshop, where people easily can buy what they need.

E-book Webshop

We are talking a lot about digitalization’s influence on industries – this has also affected the book industry. E-books have become increasingly popular all over the world, where people have realized the convenience of having your favorite book right on the iPad. Also within scientific research, e-books have made a smaller revolution. Now, students and researches can find millions of scientific papers online in large databases. You could make use of this tendency and start focusing on selling e-books. You will probably find a lot of upcoming authors that see a great opportunity in selling books online.

Tech Podcast

Many years before television, Netflix and YouTube, radio was the preferred information channel. And despite the endless amount of video content out there, radio has recently experienced a true revival. Through podcasts, businesses and influencers have great success with promoting and selling their product. Find your niche and start a podcast, where you talk about your field of expertise. If you are good and people are entertained, you have the possibility to reach millions of listeners.

Online Marketing Consultant

Companies that are not present online will have an extremely hard time earning money. Online marketing has become one of the easiest ways to reach new customers. Especially the older generation has a hard time understanding online marketing tools such as AdWords, SE Ranking, or MailChimp. If you are a digital marketing expert, several businesses will be interested in your guidance. Consider doing business out of it and become an online marketing consultant.

Hardware Repair

As mentioned earlier, our society is more or less dependent on IT. We are using hardware like never before, and this also means that we break more hardware than ever before. If you are an expert in computer hardware, you might want to start a hardware repair service. This is an industry with a potentially enormous market.

Web Designing

Because of the increasing online presence of companies, web designers are in huge demand. As the name indicates, web designers design and develop the website. Today’s consumers are busy and impatient – therefore the user-friendly design is key for websites, which is exactly what a web designer contributes with. Starting your own web designing business is might not a bad idea.

App Developer

The market for apps speaks for itself. It is huge, and millions of people download and use apps every day. While many apps disappear into the unknown, once in a while an app that revolutionizes industries occurs. Take for instance Uber or Snapchat, who both have built their entire business around an app platform. If you have a great business idea, consider if it is scalable to an app. It is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your potential customers.

Perhaps you possess the right skill set to actually develop an app yourself? Thousands of businesses are looking for app developers that can create new apps.

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